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City tour in General Alvear


In this city with jardines,con fences of having perfumed red rosedales that flourish in October. It has immigrants' of varied origins colonies


Their properties are gardens, with fences of having perfumed red rosedales that flourish in October. It has immigrants' of varied origins colonies: Italian, Spaniards, Ukrainian, Norwegian, French, Danish and Japanese, established many of them after the First World War. In their companies the cooperatives prevail that integrate the production processes, elaboration and commercialization.

When these immigrants arrived they were in progress already, initiate at the end of the XIX century. The lands alvearinas had been conquered in the Segunda Expedition to the Desert (Roca, 1879) and awarded proprietors that sold them, in 1884, to the Doctor Diego of Alvear, son of the general Carlos María of Alvear. The preparations to reside colonists began with parcelamientos commended by Alvear, continued by their two son-in-laws, Pedro Christophersen and Ernesto Bosch.

In 1912 the Danish Obe Bock traced the watering and, the same year, the brunch of the Railroad D. was inaugurated F. Sarmiento. In that opportunity the English Edward arrived Bowen in whose memory occurred new name to the town of Black Floodgate and the route that it connects the south mendocino directly with the province of Buenos Aires.


In 1914 was formed the Department of General Alvear and, in 1939, the Aeroclub was inaugurated whose communications contributed to connect better this distant place.


General Alvear


It is entered by Av. North liberator to arrive to the commercial center in the crossing with Av. Alvear, to the right the square is, with the civic buildings.

The small Museum of Natural Sciences is in street Roca. The old cellar The Pharaoh, with interesting architecture and tower of fermentation, is in the RN 188, to 10 km of the center.

From the city they can be carried out trips to the hill Ponón Trehuá of 1.200 meters , to 70 km for an on the way to earth of the RP 184; to Tip of Water, to 100 km for the RN 143 and the RP 190, and to Snowy hill of 3.810 meters for the RN 143.

All these places are rural and they have a rich fauna to be sighted and photographed.


Where to eat and to house


Few options, some of quality exist.


Flights of Tourism


The company Aero Club, located 6 km to the south of the city for the RN 143, offers this type of flights, really attractive and instructive.

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