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History of Malargüe
Cueva de las Brujas en Malargüe


Valle de las Leñas en Malargüe


Valle de las Leñas en Malargüe
Their name derives of the voice mapuche malal-hué that means 'place of corrals" and responds to the old corrals that still see each other near the old outpost. It is a strong city, with 7800 inhabitants and located 1400 m. s.n.m. in a vast and organized geography to be traveled informs.

This city head of the but extensive of the departments of Mendoza's county that almost covers a room of the provincial surface and guard promissory mining wealth (especially of uranium and petroleum), cattlemen, agricultural and tourist.
Considered the National Capital of the Tourism of Adventure it has an excellent Municipal Address of Tourism

There are guides that it can contact in the stand on the north access of the RN 40. Here it can negotiate the permission to visit the lagoon of Llancanelo and to carry out the steps customs officers to cross Chile.

The village was created in 1886 as head of the jurisdiction of Malargüe by the governor Rufino Ortega who donated adjacent lands to the helmet of its stay, in the place of Red Cañada.

Their historical antecedent had been the strong of Malargüe (MHN, ruins), created in 1846 by the captain Juan Troncoso to the south of the river, for protection of the lands that then began to be colonized, to the government's mendocino instances.

The name of the place, before Malal-Hué, means «stone wall, and it is attributed to the natural formations that cross the river in the cerrilada.

Today is a small city, developed mainly by the influence of the oil companies that have camps in the surroundings.

Their first urbanization grew along the route, extending later in numerous neighborhoods toward the east.
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