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History of Mendoza
Parque Gral. San Martín en Mendoza
Vista de ciudad de Mendoza
monumento a San Martín en Mendoza
Omnibus de Mendoza
Teatro en Mendoza
The city was founded by Pedro del Castillo in March of the year 1561, three hundred years later it was destroyed almost totally by an earthquake.

In the earthquake of 1861, the city that then had 12.000 inhabitants it suffered the loss of 4.000 lives.
The epicentre of the earthquake took place in the same city. The city was reedificada with wide streets and low houses.
The parks and squares were foreseen as refuges for the population in the event of new earthquakes.

San Francisco's ruins were in foot like witness of the past. Near there is the Museum of the Area Fundacional, built on the place that occupied the old Town council.

In 1985 registered other strong earthquake that left to people's thousands without home, causing some deads.

Mendoza's city is the administrative, commercial and cultural center of the county. Until her they arrive more than 700.000 people, daily from the near centers to the city.
Their inhabitants, have for habit to sleep the nap, for what their labor schedules are interrupted.
The city possesses branches of the main banks, representations of the used credit cards, rent of automobiles and travel agencies among other things.

The transport composes it numerous lines of collective. In the city different esparcimiento centers exist, among them, the casino, the cinemas, theaters, museums, art galleries, discos and an important commercial center. The 500 Kms of canals that travel the whole city, give life to leafy groves.

Numerous they are the sweet shops, pubs and coffees that populate Mendoza's streets. The restaurants serve from the typical one roasted until the most sophisticated plates of international food. For the microcentro, it is advisable to go for a walk for the pedestrian Sarmiento, the Avenue San Martin, Las Heras or Colon-Arístides Villanueva.
The squares are a delight, among the most important they are, Square Independence, where is the museum of modern art, the Square Chile, it is a homage to the Chilean town, the Square Spain and Plazoleta Pellegrini.
One of the population's mendocina characteristics is their hospitality and cordiality. The routes that arrive to Mendoza are under very good conditions.
You can consent to the county from the different points of the country. It possesses beautiful landscapes, an important industry vitivinícola, production frutihortícola, activity night, and grateful traditional parties, as that of the Vintage

Mendoza is a place privileged by the nature, helped by the man's hand, a landscape of mountains, desert and groves, everything in a group of colors that they make pleasant the visit.
It possesses more than 500 Km of canals that contribute to the fertility of the floor.
The Great Mendoza represents the most important urban area of Cuyo.
They compose it the departments of Las Heras, city of Mendoza, Godoy Cruz, Guaymallén and the cities of Maipú and Luján.
Mendoza's main characteristic, rather one of so many, is the cleaning of the cities, the system of canals and the squares.
They conform a pleasant and hospital environment on the part of their inhabitants. In the Great Mendoza a tree exists for each one of its 959.555 inhabitants.
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