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San Rafael - Mendoza
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Fishing in the area of the river Diamante
This area located to 60 km from the city of San Rafael is formed by the reservoir of the dike Agua del Toro and the lagoon of the Diamante inside the park Provincial Park Diamante. Trouts and pejereye...
That to know in San Rafael
This city located on the river Diamond is the second city in importance after the provincial capital. In their surroundings there is one of their most beautiful provincial landscapes
To the river Diamond
Trip for a walk that travels the old village of the strong one and the reservoirs of the river Diamond, with picturesque landscapes. They can visit one another the hydraulic works of this river that g...
To Big Valley , canyon of the Atuel and The Nihuil
Spectacular circuit that overcomes the river Atuel; their labyrinthine Canyon travels and visit the reservoirs of Big Valley and The Nihuil, returning for the hill of the Calves, the natural mirador o...
To General Alvear for on the way to properties
Charmer traveled by the oasis of the rivers Diamond and Atuel, with properties full with life and color; there will find immigrant farmers' colonies, of varied origins.
RN40, from San Rafael to Malargüe
This route takes it from the foot of the main mountain range until Malargüe that was the western door in the Conquest of the Desert, at the end of the XIX century. Today is an active oil city, with bi...
Rafting in the Atuel River
Traveling the geography of the Canyon of the Atuel while we descend the waters of the River Atuel in rubber boats it causes an overflowing emotion in adults and children.
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