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History of Tunuyán
bodegas cerca de Tunuyán en el valle del Uco
fuerte San Carlos en las cercanías de Tunuyán
Valle del Uco

This city possesses 20.280 inhabitants and the department has an extension of 6.390 km2.

It is the main center of the valley of Uco and departmental head, it possesses all the services.

The route crosses it with the name of Av. San Martin, where they join restaurants, bars and three hotels.

It is considered capital of the apple, production that more it characterizes to the department, where there are packers, refrigerators, elaborating of having with-centered and sidreras.

The city was organized officially in 1880. Elías Villanueva, one of the main farmers, donated 9 there is for their layout, however, their population increase is very previous. The territory was seat of the tunuyanes, independent tribes of the huarpes and the puelches. The toponym tunuyán means "earth that moves."

In 1551 the territory was traveled by the Spanish Francisco of Villagra in its step to Chile . A little more than one decade later already had their agent, Juan Amaro of the Field who established the stay The Totoral, a post in the one in route to the south and toward Chile for the step of the Wicket of Piuquenes.

In the XVII century, the Jesuit doctrinaron and they had stays in the area, but population's increase was slow, for the danger of the malones. At the end of last, conquered century the frontier toward the south and with the arrival of the immigration it was secured the urban nucleus and their agricultural contour.

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