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History of Uspallata
Bóvedas de Uspallata



Paisaje de Uspallata



It is a small village, located to an altitude of 1.850 m in the convergence of the two brunches of the RN 7 that for Potrerillos and Villavicencio, they arrive from Mendoza.
In Uspallata they unite to continue like international road toward The Caves and Chile.
It is summoned in an extensive longitudinal valley among the precordillera and the Front mountain range that it is prolonged toward San Juan in the valleys of Calingasta, Rodeo and Iglesia.

The agriculture is its main activity, with forrajeras cultivations, potatoes and peas, watered with waters of the streams Uspallata and San Alberto. They also highlight plantations of poplars, used industrially.
The village is a pleasant center of rest, in which will be able to enjoy splendid landscapes and an unbeatable microclimate.
It has all the services (hotels, campings, restaurants and combustible YPF) and it is the last important town in the one in route to Chile, with a control of National Gendarmería.

The best hotel is Andean Valley, with an acclimatized pileta. Another pleasant alternative is the Cabins of the Pastizal, located to 1,5 km of the center. The natural conditions of the place favored the before Columbus .

By the middle of the XV century, the extensive Andean valley was integrated to the Incan Empire (Tahuantinsuyo, with capital in the Cuzco) and furrowed by the long one on the way to the Inca whose brunches crossed the mountain range.
It is one of the most important archaeological areas of Whose. The local toponimia registers names like Ranchillos and Tambillos that remember towns and before Columbus posts.
This city was scenario of some film productions as Seven years in the Tibet. Uspallata is one of the important points of the geste san martiniana and it was also post of the Real Road of the Viceroyalty.
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