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City tour in Apostóles
Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo
Monumento a los primeros colonos


An it visits to a city with great Polish and Ukrainian immigration that were devoted to the cultivation, transforming to the city into the National Capital of the Yerba Mate


Enter for the Av. Poland and double to the right for the Av. 9 of Julio whose central parterre is supplemented with to series of sculptures among those that it highlights the one Monument to the First Colonists , with the high relief Slavic Colonist carried out in homage to the writer Ukrainian Hangups Sevchenko. Other interesting monuments are the one Sanctuary of the Virgin , the maté, the commemorative stone to the Commandant Andresito located in the one that was the main square of the reduction, the arrival of the first colonists, to the Dr. Allasia, to the General San Martin and others.

Around the Square San Martin is located the Provincial school N° 21 Andresito (MHP) and the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo


Church of San Pedro and San Pablo


It is practiced the Latin rite and in their patio a monk is sculpted in stone that dates of the Jesuit time. Other important buildings located in the environment of the square are the Municipality and the Mail.

Continue toward the south for the Av. Sarmiento, where it will be able to appreciate another series of monuments like the sundial and the mother's sculpture. In one of the central parterres of the intersection with the street Alvear is the Municipal delegation of Tourism.

Return for this same avenue until the street Belgrano, commercial and social center of the city. Turn to the right and, in the first block, will find the call House of Stone, where at the moment the one works Museum and Historical File of Diego of Alfaro


Museum and Historical File of Diego of Alfaro


The house was built in 1902 for Juan José Count of Bialostocki, with stones that were part of the buildings of the old reduction. Then it was headquarters of the Administration of the Town and Colony of Apostles and, later, headquarters of the Mail; later on he/she passed to become a place of social meetings and cultural acts. At the present time, the museum has four rooms:

  • Prehistory It contains lithic samples of the culture of the High Paranaense, Fortalecense, Piraiense, San Javierense and gilded ceramics and colored of origin guaranitico.
  • Jesuit Hernán salts Almirón Dedicated to Jesuit elements that were preserved by the professor whose name takes the room.
  • Of the Colonization Where they are documents and testimonies of the origin and evolution of the Agricultural Colony.
  • Of Fine arts Where works of Nélida Door of Spinnato are exposed, as well as mention and distinctions that this artist obtained at national level.

Apostles are called the National Capital of the Dull Herb due to their abundant production of this autochthonous plant. It is recommended to visit some of the numerous establishments yerbateros and tealeros that allow to know the chain of complete production.




  • National party of the Dull Herb Second pay period of July