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History of Montecarlo


This population with a 19.000 inhabitants, is head of the homonymous department and is located on the river Paraná, to 180 km of Inns. Their origin goes back at 1919, when the Engineer Carlos Culmey, Jacobo Bischoff and Alfredo Herm explored the area of Port Haack in order to founding a new colony, the second after San Alberto, the one which later would be denominated Puerto Rico.

The chosen place was property of Carlos Seguín and the villagers called it Mounts of Carlos. Of there their current yam of Montecarlo. The latifundio was dedicated first to the forest exploitation and then it was acquired by the Company High Colonizadora Paraná Culmey and Co., being carried out in 1920 the tasks of it dismounts and it measures.

The first resided families were of Brazilian and European origin. Each current contributed the force of the work and the necessary training to exploit these lands. The integration of the colony to its microregión was completed with the pavimentación of the RN12.

Montecarlo, a typically missionary city, is distinguished for the massive cultivation of orchids, what summons specialists and fond of the National Party of the Orchid that is carried out here every year. It is also an important center of production agroforestal, standing out the cultivations of dull herb, tung, citric, tea, soya, manioc, corn, tobacco, cane of sugar and essences, and the forests of araucarias, eucalyptuses and pines. They have settled down plants of packing of fruits, cellulose factories and cardboard here, sawmills, factories of having arbitrated and other industries.

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