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Candelaría and Provincial Park Cañadón of Profundidad














Walk to know a small town where a Jesuit reduction was and, to few kilometers, an attractive natural park of capricious characteristic

To 19 km Candelaría is for RN12; 13 km later on, for consolidated road, is the Provincial Park that you travels in 3 h. It is recommended to take picnic or to enjoy Candelaría's spa.


From the access round to Inns (km 0), continue for the RN12 heading for Port Iguazú. The route crosses a suburban area, going by the University City and for The Eaves, a traditional local of sale of crafts.

In the km 6 are the police control and the intersection with the RP105. In the km 11, to the left, you arrives to the access to Garupá, town with a small but singular station of the railroad of General load Urquiza that communicates with the port of Inns and with a deviation to Paraguay through the bridge.

Continuing for the RN12, in the km 19 the intersection of the RP204 are that, to the left, it takes to Candelaría.




Small town in front of a wide and beautiful curve of the river Paraná. In their port the Historical Sarandí, a tree is to whose shade the general Manuel rested Belgrano during his campaign. One enters for Asleep Av. González of Santa Cruz that ends in the central square, around which you/they are most of the equipment and the commercial area.

Been founded by the Jesuit under the invocation of Our Mrs. of the Candelaría or Purification, it occupies the current place from 1689, year in that it was transferred by last cheats after to series of fruitless localizations harassed unceasingly by the hordes paulistas of the Brazil. It was seat of the Superior of Jesus' Company (Jesuit) until the expulsion of that order.

Then, it was headquarters of the Governor of the Towns of the Missions.

In 1814, Candelaría became a department of the county of Currents that extended from ltuzaingó until lguazú and from the river Paraná until the missionary Central mountain. It served from base to the government correntino in times of war, before the advances and lootings commanded by the Paraguayan Gaspar Rodríguez of Frank. Toward 1816, Candelaría was recovered for the Argentineans by means of a campaign commanded by the missionary Indian Andrés «Andresito» Guacurarí.

In last century they settled in this area three agricultural colonies that, in 1947, they became unified under Candelaría's name, giving origin to the current town. In the lot that occupies the Penal Colony U17 of the Federal Penitentiary Service there are archaeological vestiges of the Jesuit town, which previous authorization that is requested there can be traveled same.

Continue until the RN12 and advance to the south for the RP204, an on the way to consolidated earth that in 2 km it arrives to the stream Garupá and to the Municipal Spa, surrounded of leafy trees. It has a camping site with basic services and another of UPCN Missions, more complete, with quinchos, grills and a social area with sanitary services.

Recapturing the RN204, the road leaves strangling for the hard presence of wooden natural mounts, until arriving to the 11 kms to the Provincial Park The Cañadón of Depth


Provincial park Cañadón of Profundidad


Declared park for their beauty paisajística, understands 19 there are of fields and forests in gallery with urunday. It is in a high place from where the deep cañadón is visualized, with the stream that runs on a stone channel and falls then for a jump of 6 m . It has a small place to camp, provided of the minimum services, ideal for a day of picnic in contact with the nature.

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