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History of Posadas




Posadas, is the capital city of the Province. It was founded initially as "Anunciación de Itapúa" in 1615, but it did not result. Some centuries later it was repopulated, and it was called "Trinchera de San José".

Its present name was put as a homage to Gervasio Antonio de Posadas, the United Provinces Director.

In 1884 it was designated as capital city of Misiones due to its strategic situation that facilitated the communications with the rest of the country.

From 1953, Posadas is the provincial government seat and of the delegated authorities from the Republic Federal power.

It is located on the left riverside of Parana River, it is recognized as the most important Tourist Center of Distribution from the province, being its main access the National Route nº12.

It is to 300 Km from Iguazú Waterfalls and to 1100Km from Buenos Aires City. The city has old construction belonging to other epochs, where Paraná River was always the main character, connected with stories and legends about the "mensú" and the "jangadas". Posadas has a very good tourist infrastructure, and it is surrounded by beautiful natural places that are very rich from the historical and cultural point of view.

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