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History of Puerto Rico





This city with 12.200 inhabitants is head of the department General Liberator San Martin, Puerto Rico is a city of intermediate scale, it structures modern and strong, pleasant for its well taken care streets, gardens and public buildings. Their economic base, the same as that of many urban centers of this county, is related with the agricultural-industrial production.

It was founded November 15 1919 by the German colonist Engineer Carlos Culmey, the banker Ernesto Hessler (of I Behave Cheerful, Brazil ) and the priest Jesuit Max Von Lassberg, under San Alberto's invocation.

A place called Dry Stick was chosen ", next to the coast, where they were still remains of a frustrated previous colonization.

It owes their name to the extraordinary wealth of the place and the depth of their waters that made possible the port installation.

Summoned in a wavy land, the city presents an irregular layout as consequence of its spontaneous growth, which was settling on the Av. San Martin. This road structures the north town to south, linking the RN12 and the border Port that gives name to the town, in front of which is the Port Victory in the Paraguayan Costa.

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