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Walks programmed in Port Iguazú
Parque Nacional Iguazú
Parque Nacional Iguazú
Parque Nacional Iguazú
Parque Nacional Iguazú
Parque Nacional Iguazú


In the area of Port Iguazú is a group of programmed walks that they are of adventure and they allow to be related with the nature in a startling silence mark, only interrupted by the caw of the birds.


Some of the walks that can be carried out in the region and that they can be contacted in the Center of Visitors . For further information.

Nautical adventure. Walk in boat for the river inferior Iguazú until the encounter of the jumps with their beds, to enter at full speed to the waterfalls.

To the island San Martin. Accessible in boat, it allows to appreciate the waterfalls from their own heart, with privileged views of the Devil's Throat, the Window in the Rock and the Balcony of the Jump San Martin. It possesses, also, a beach of white sands.

Nautical Safari. You weighs anchor from Port Canoes in a journey of 4 km for the superior delta of the river Iguazú. The voyage that lasts 20 minutes, crosses the calm waters until Port Three Marías.

Macuco, Safari, Forest and Sailing. It understands a walk of 2 h for the forest in specially equipped vehicles, with walks, a visit to the jump Anechez-with natural pileta - sailing for a tract of the river Iguazú.

Jungle Bikes. Walks in bicycle for the National Park can be hired in the Center of Visitors .

The Great Adventure. It begins being introduced in the canyon of the Devil's Throat in a craft driven by seafaring experts. After observing all the jumps, 9 km is navigated among the forest by the river Iguazú you dilute below until arriving to Port Macuco, where you disembarks to travel 8 km of wonderful missionary forest in vehicles of double traction. The Walk finishes after an hour and a half in the Old Hotel. Safety pin.

Full Day Waterfalls. It offers the possibility to carry out in a complete day all the traditional walks of the waterfalls: you bounce to the Devil's Throat, nautical safari (floating), walk to island San Martin, it risks nautical and eat lunch in the Hotel International or roasted Creole in the restaurant The Outpost. Excellent option.

Expedition for the Path Yacaratía. Walk in special vehicles that allows to learn secrets of the forest, to find prints of animals, to discover toucans for their song, to hear the whistle of the monkeys, to admire the orchids in flower in the trees and to take pictures of the flora and fauna in the heart of the Park.

Photographic Safari. Without caring their age or physical state, during 2 h and along 30 km of leafy forest it will be accompanied by professionals that secret develarán and mysteries like in a documentary, but of the one that you will form part. You will be able to observe prints of animals, to listen songs of hidden birds and to try to discover them. If you are lucky, it will sight something of fauna.

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