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Mountaineering to Lagoons Cauquenes, Lagoon La Rosada - Volcanic Hill
Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico




Montañismo a Lagunas Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada - Cerro Volcánico


This walk of 15 km of march, possesses 1000 mts of difference, and its journey takes among 4 at 6 hours of march to ascend and of 3 to-5 hours for the descent.


The ascent to horse and then on foot to the summit of this Hill is unforgettable due to their excellent condition like panoramic point. They are appreciated in all their magnificence to the Hill Tronador and three of their seven Glaciers, the Volcano Osorno, the Pointed Hill, The granitic towers of the Hill cathedral, the lakes Hess and Fonck. From here it is possible to distinguish the geologic different conformation of the mountain range of the Andes perfectly, in a turn of 360º.


Because should cross the Meek River but that bridge doesn't exist some in the area of the ford used by the horses, a variant is used connecting the access path to the Saltillo of the Nalcas with the access valley to the place that we want to go. For this the path is continued to consent to the Saltillo that Linda begins from Pampas, following a distance the vehicular road that she goes toward the base of the Tronador and the Black Snowdrifts (Southwest address).


Once walked near 400 meters from the Hostel, another on the way to it deviates toward the left driving to a hanging bridge for pedestrians that it crosses the Meek River, about 200 meters but there. After past the bridge the path a tract continues in address west and then toward the south, against the Confined Hill, where the Saltillo of the Nalcas is. This tract is possible to also carry out with bicycle.


Following the path to the "Saltillo of the Nalcas" and about 300 meters before arriving to the same one, we will find a deviation to the right that leads to the old refuge - Volcanic hill. Following this path for about 20 minutes of march (2½ km) we find another path that is that of the horses that directly ford the Meek River without necessity of carrying out the deviation for the Saltillo that should make the pedestrians in order to cross the Meek River. In this connection we turn to the left. This path drives to: Step Vuriloches - Chilean Mallín - Refugio Viejo and to: Lagoons Cauquenes - lag. La Rosada - Volcanic Hill.


The scenery of this place consists on a dense forest of cold" "forest composed by trees of Coihues and dense sotobosque of Canes Colihues, accompanied by Ñirantales in some parts.


After having walked a distance you arrives near a narrowing of the valley, where crosses the Stream Cauquenes and it continues going back it for the right of the cañadón. The path continues ascending in address west a good distance (about 45 minutes of march from the crossing of the Stream Cauquenes), until a deviation is presented:


The left brunch leads to the Lagoons Cauquenes, Lagoon The Rosy one and Volcanic Hill. The brunch of the right takes to the Chilean Mallín, Step of the Vuriloches and Old Refuge.


Our option is the left, taking us toward the south drawing small hills amid the charming forest of Coihues and Lengas and sotobosque of canes. Also in this special place is a small forest of millennial Larches.


They should cross some uncomfortable zanjones with mud before going up to the right of a cascade of the Stream Cauquenes. Arriving to the superior part of the one encased cascade, the path comes closer to the stream and it crosses it when it finishes the slope. After this crossing of the stream, the path takes the this-Southwest address, overcoming a long slope of forest of Lengas. In the high thing, the slope is softened, even descending smoothly toward the other side, after that which you arrives at the Lagoon La Rosada.


Volcanic hill


The Lagoon La Rosada one is surrounded by the south riverbank (right ascending), passing below a small cascade. Crusader the stream of the cascade, you begins to ascend for the slope of the forest of Lengas.
It takes south direction while you ascends, firstly in marked slope, then smoothly. A mallín is skirted by the left and it is continued until leaving the forest from Lengas to a great mallín. Crossing the mallín lengthwise, south direction, in the address of the Volcanic Hill, is connected with another through a short path in a stocky lengal. After having crossed the second mallín you arrives to a narrowing of the same one in a cañadón species. In the slope to the east, to about fifty meters of having begun the narrowing, a path is born toward the east that goes into in the forest of low lengas to continue then inside of the forest south direction. After about 15 minutes of walking inside the forest south direction ( crosses a small zanjón), you begins to ascend directly toward the east for a strong slope in the forest of stocky lengas until leaving the area of vegetation completely.


You ascends a little more until arriving to a plane bowed smoothly, rocky and desprotegido of the wind. You advances toward the south overcoming a first stony hill and then a second similar, until the same base of the Volcanic Hill, a red stony cone.

From the shoulder of the volcanic Hill one has a landscape magnificente: the Volcano Osorno, the Pointed one, the Tronador and three of their four glaciers; the Step of the Vuriloches, the lakes Fonck and Hess, the Torres of the Cathedral, the Hill Cap.


A walk of 45 minutes for an unstable and sandy stonecutter of volcanic rocks, is what demands to be positioned in the summit of the Volcanic Hill. From the summit a burnisher is obtained seen of the south part of the Park National Lake Fonck(Chile), Lake Hess, Hill Crettón and Granitic Hill (2199 mts). Really the view from the summit is beautiful

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