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Mountain bike to the stream Chacay from Villa Llanquín

The right riverbank of the Limay is an inexhaustible source of surprises for our avidity of adventures.

Some trips make them of first intention; other they infuse us more respect and we make some previous intents, or we simply go improving the performance when going knowing what we lack to travel in a possible return.
We begin traveling the road that begins in the bridge of the asphalted route, for the stay San Ramón, and stretching the times arrives to Villa Llanquín that constitutes of for yes a beautiful walk.
Then we were happened among other, to make the turn for the Chacay. So one Sunday we went directly to the Villa, we cross the car with the raft, we leave it to good I collect, and we rush Limay below for a path that accompanies the river.
Some tracts are very exposed, since the bank that finishes in the Limay has a lot of slope, for that then didn't have the pedals automatic, and several times I was about to lose the balance looking for the punteras when recapturing the march. I am happened that it would be advisable, for those that don't still have a lot of security, to make some tracts to I tweeted; anyway: gloves and helmet, always.
I had my own experience, as we had it all, in a long descent for a hillside that, fortunately, it didn't have the river below, near the valley of the Chacay. Maybe a little for the fatigue that causes the tension of seeing the deep and quick you do dilute always below to the left, is the fact that having been a little behind of my partners, in the slope I relax myself a little to rest? Serious error! Did my speed increase too much as to attempt one braked, so I take a firmer position again, do I stop exactly on the pedals in the moment in that a bigger stone moves under the wheel and does it put me the bike to forty five grades regarding the march sense? I don't reach to make anything, I am tired, my muscles don't respond me.
There is if it weighed fifteen less kilos! - I reach to think - The bicycle disappears under me, I am only bound to her for a puntera that will be the one that won't allow me to advance the leg to fall more or less armed. My hands, for luck with gloves, are the first ones that give with the stones of the path, but the fraction of time is so brief that am not able to lean on in them, they simply slip and my helmet hits against a stone; the same thing happens to my glasses, and then with the whole body that crawls for the inertia some meters in that anything soft bed that the Limay prepared me in millions of years, only for me.
Fortunately, and after some endless seconds, I am able to incorporate when not feeling sharp pains. I have some nailed thorn, several chafings in the legs and in the arms, the rent helmet, I spit earth, but anything that it means an impediment to continue pedaling.
My friends that wait for me below had to make a visible effort for not laughing while it counted them my misfortune, it seems that from below, the fall was really comic.
Each point meets with residents' houses, some corrals, fences, dogs. In the outlet of the Chacay there is also a very green field with watering channels.
From the Limay until the step under the hill Teat is a difference of more or less six hundred fifty meters and eighteen kilometers of ascent. The road is a quite good local road and there are several residents.
Also some short slope, but what is really fascinating is the rocks to the Loved way of small Valley that almost decorate the whole journey and that they have caves with pictografías rupestres. To see them it is necessary to request authorization, naturally, and not to forget a lantern, because they are very dark. When we return to the light, the first impression is hallucinating, on the rock edge that crowns the hills that surround us, aligned as armies, there are lines of stoic cypresses that paying attention to the wind, they grow on the stone the small fissures that the ice opens up in them taking advantage.
The whole itinerary allows to imagine medieval cities, castles, animals, and human figures, in short, the only limit will be our inventive one exacerbated by the effort and the blue sky swiftly furrowed by the clouds that get lost toward the East.
Several times it crosses the stream that goes diminishing their bed, on the other hand what goes in increase it is the slope, until you arrives to the step.
As it is one day Sunday of elections, we find in the one in route to a compatriot, adorned for the occasion that it will vote of to I tweeted and smiling; almost it makes us embarrass for the perspiration and the hunger that well could only be in our imagination. But it was not this way, and a little before the step, in a pretty grassland with a crystalline stream, we stopped to eat and to take fresh water.
To thirty kilometers of our departure, we arrive to the step, the view is phenomenal, leave to Bariloche. We take out ourselves some pictures, but the wind is cooling down, so that we put on the it breaks winds and we face the slope that we imagine very speedy.
Indeed, in nine kilometers we descend until Villa Llanquín, it is one flown fantastic for a road in good state in general, and with some small fords that we take to tutta birra.
When arriving at the house where we leave the van, in which a well-known retired police and their family offer their hospitality, we take some sodas delightfully cold and until they invite us fried cakes that, simply, we devour.
Of the fall neither I remembered, but my face was queerly furrowed by the perspiration on the earth and when I saw myself in the glasses of the car, I thought that the greasy one that was looking at me had stuck the great fright of its life.

To Arrive to Villa Llanquín
Leaving Bariloche in vehicle for the route 237 (to Neuquén), to 38 Km . we find the raft, the hanging bridge and of the other side of the Limay to Villa Llanquín.
One can leave the vehicle in the next beach to the gangplank.
As example we will take a realized trip a day of elections.
Domingo May 14 1995

Km 0.0 10 :35 hs. We begin to pedal crossing the gangplank at 10 :35 in a day of presidential elections. Two hundred meters after the gangplank, it leaves road to the left, river below. In some few hundreds of meters it becomes a print that skirts the river permanently Limay, and after happening for in front of the houses of some residents, we arrive to the stream Chacay

Km 13.3Llegamos to the height where the Stream Chacay Limay ends in the river. There are houses with corrals, big and green grassland with watering that comes from the Chacay. Here the print ends and local road that overcomes the stream Chacay begins. The road is almost permanent in ascent, leaving the bench mark 720 msnm, and arriving to the step to bench mark 1350 msnm. (they are 17.6 Km . and 630 meters of difference), crossing reiteradamente the stream, looking for their nascent ones.

Km 20.8Tranquera and position of Rodríguez.

Km 24.0Caserío big, then there is a short and marked slope, it crosses the stream and 200 mts later we find other house and a poster with indication" TO the Caves" that points to the left. To speak with resident and to request permits and indications. Some few Kms. later on and to the vera of the road there are other caves.

Km 29.5 Little before arriving to the step, there is a green grassland with crystalline stream. Rest for the lunch. Not very later on you leave the resident's position Burgus.

Km 30. We arrive to the Step. From here you leave the Limay and you grieve the tip this of the lake Nahuel Huapi. The road follows everything in having lowered by the" Poor Cañadón" until the same Villa Llanquín.

Km 38.. We arrive to Villa Llanquín. A good fact: 50 mts before crossing the gangplank and 50 mts laughs below, the housing of the family be. of to retired policeman, where they sell cold drinks! I return to Bariloche with Vehicle for the route 237.

Useful Councils

It is a trip that can be made in any time of the year, except in winter, for the clay of the road that the Chacay goes back that makes almost impossible to advance.
Elements to take (besides the standard one):

  • A lot of Drink (the Stream Chacay is not clean), and pills potabilizadoras of water.
  • Much repellent of insects and solar screen
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