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We get off the Sky in Bicycle


The proposal is to lower from the area of Yacanto for "The Boundaries" (very near to the South of the Champaquí, with few less meters) until Yacanto., for us to move in Traffic, going by Reservoir, Villa Rumipal, Villa of the Dike, Santa Rosa and Yacanto until the summit and from there... adrenaline!


It was so on Sunday November 25, well tempranito, took charge of looking for each one of the brave they were Luis, radio operator and restless investigator of millennial caverns, Franco, an adolescent of competitive but collaborating spirit, Mauricio who wanted reinvidicar its previous descent that finished in a great blow that left it two days in rest, Claudia, co-equiper of Adrián who would be the one in charge of serving from support and guard to the cyclists from the van, Juan Manuel the mascot of the adventure with its tricycle and yellow helmet to the order.

I added myself loading my old gray Zenith and a great challenge. My muscles were loaded with Buenos Aires : little practice in the pedals, the mind in the work... but the great happiness of having in front of me a new experience.

We travel sharing matés and anecdotes of other trips. Juan Manuel, with his two years, ordered us the conversation and he gave us smiles... The sun went ascending and promised a spectacular day.

The "iron Bridge" orange located to cross the River Santa Rosa marked the portal of this history. The bill kilometers warned us that we had already rotated 57 km from Berrotarán and that we were enjoying Santa Rosa of Calamuchita. This place is recognized in the region by its circuits tourist religious (Our Virgin Mrs. of the Rosario, Our Mrs. of the Valley, Grotto of Santa Mónica, Virgin Grotto of Lourdes, Grotto of the sacred Heart and Virgin of Our Mrs. of the Miraculous Medal, the Monastery of the Benedictine Monks and the Museum of Religious Art), for its Historical Locust and for the balanced mixture of cascades, lakes, rivers and differences.

They escorted us for the route, hostels, places, houses of tea and crafts that marked the charm of the place. Each point appeared another space dedicated to spa, among rocks and much green. It is important to know that the asphalt (Santa Rosa-Yacanto) it is not under excellent conditions although makes very little bit time since it was made.

We were surprised Yacanto with its houses between pines and other old trees. Yacanto is to 1290 meters on the level of the sea. It is an entrance door to the Sierra of the Comechingones and shortcut to our Hill Champaquí for the one on the way to the Boundaries. To carry out this trip usually comes closer to the tourists until the position of Three Trees in vehicle and accompanies them on foot until the summit.

Of there the van of it deviated to the left and it began to climb. The second change roared and prepared us mentally for the future descent.

Among the comments we played to arm this story... and it didn't leave another thing that poetry... romantic Descriptions of the encounter of the celestial sky that covered us with the birds that appeared to heaps, inventions in ways in the rocks claroscuras that marked the road, words that gave bill of perfumes of the Cordovan grasses and in the capricious ways that the clouds drew in the hills.

The road is in good state in spite of the loose rocks, but equally demand of the conductive skillful dolls and very attentive senses. has curved very closed and it is necessary to remember that there will be an altimetría difference of more than 1000 meters .

To our right the Champaquí appeared and it served us as guide until the summit. We admired their it rounded form and we remembered those good moments that the colossus gave us.

Each point appeared simple houses, the convocation position for trips, horses and cows... it missed Us a lot the appearance of a poster that, in exchange for first medical or mechanical aids, informed the necessity to pay a "entrance" to consent to the circuit of the Champaquí... Of not believing!

They were a little more than 30 kms. and we stopped in the bifurcation. To the left the access to San Javier that was sighted diffuse below and one of the valuable microclimates of our country shone.

We take to the left and they followed 10 kms. plus until we decide to mount the bikes and to begin the voyage.

We walk a little for the place... we calculated on foot 15 minutes until the summit of The Boundaries and the possibility of snooping the state of the lagoon of the summit of the Champaquí.

It is very important to make the itinerary with helmet, but not all counted on him. We accommodate the smooth ones and the most resolved made tip... The boys of Berrotarán demonstrated in each tract their domain of the mountain in two wheels, but I had to conform to with seeing them go away, without losing the charm of the landscape and of the glory that was living. For luck it was zealously guarded by the van of the Bergonzi.

The first part of the descent (until the bifurcation) it is a sum of ascents and descents. The first ones ended up putting under an obligation to get off the bicycle and to mark them I pass to step. For those that never cheered up to this type of experiences the encouragement to carry out them... they will see that our spirit and personality becomes warm and transforms. For my head they passed all type of sweet and sour connections: fatigue, deception, intense challenge, pride, rural rationality... until pain. But anything that the guessed right word of an intuitive and intelligent trip partner cannot control. Conquered this episode of crudeness, my body made comfortable to the effort and it began to feel the pleasure of the speed.

We only stopped with the excuse of taking pictures, to wait the van in their careful movements, to rest the dolls and to recharge liquids. The cold was made feel in cheeks and hands.

The most fearless in the expedition marked the shortcuts. Some finished in abrupt courts that they forced us to tinge the cycling with some escalade techniques.

Over there somebody calculated to arrive to 60 km per hour in their speedometer. The road was shown more serpentine of that waited and the difficulty was in the small loose stones and the fine polvillo that rose.

In the last kilometers of the descent we had the privilege of crossing a beautiful forest. It still presented the memories of the last time of strong winds giving us suitable trunks for the floor, some red ones, other yellow with an intense perfume to wood.

Before seeing the road that would return us to the route the last deviation appeared... Big rocks, red and turquoise flowers, bados of crystalline water and, at the end, again Yacanto.

After the lunch some continued in bicycle until Santa Rosa . I admired the landscape from the van and I revived the emotions of the journey. The 25 kms that separated us until the bank of the River Santa Rosa were good moment for the reflection.

There, the bicycles gave end to their to walk and the group returned happy to Berrotarán.

I celebrated the happiness of the Encounter: with the nature, with good people, with myself. Each trip should enrich our interior and this has put on approval my self-esteem. As at some time I read somewhere around: "It is necessary to have the anger of being main character of our life. Because if the protagonistic one is given, there is not movie." Mine added a great scene... in the most brilliant scenario: the province of Córdoba .

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