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Mountain bike in the route of the minerals

This path was traced originally by old miners for the extraction of stones and mica, from the zocavón to the towns.

The itinerary is carried out approximately to about 1.200 meters on the level of the sea, descending for mountain forests that occupy the valleys, gulches and faldeos.

We will cross rivers and streams where we will be surprised the great variety of birds and autochthonous flora.

In the itinerary of the road there is dispersed a great quantity of minerals.

Each piece that we will be will bring from the eternal thing, a message for each one that dares to travel him.

Our trip, helmets of stays and artisans that delight us with the variety of their products in their daily trajín supplements.

We will leave from the clock Cuckoo. Been founded in 1958 and built by German engineers. To back of the clock, we can see the first signs in the illumination posts that will accompany us in the whole journey.

To 300 mts. of leaving for Boulevar Sarmiento we turn to the left for street Holbeim.

We continue walking 1,3 Km . until arriving to the street Congress where we turn to the right to the river the Chorillos continuing for the one on the way to asphalt. The waters of this river are warm and sweet and they contain great quantity of minerals.

In the Km 2,1 bend Aristotle down the street and we continue for the one on the way to asphalt until arriving 700 meters but it advances to the street Rome (km 2,8) where we turn to the right, here the one begins on the way to earth.

In the Km 4,1 turn to the right and we will pass in front of the ability of Veterinary science.

In the Km 4,5 leave the road that leads us to Cabalgango and we take a secondary road to the left. To the right we leave some soccer courts.

We continue and in the km 7,7 cross the stream those "Catitas". (it tastes it means "parrot" in aboriginal languages), it takes this name for the great quantity of parrots that youthey nest in their ravines.

Before we leave behind to a field position. This people make spun wool handmadely.

In the km 8,3 can see to the right see a series of stone mogotes, there irrigated by slopes where developed their to bustle, old Indian Comechirgones.

In the km 10,1 take the one on the way to the left. To the right a road that leads us to Cabalango is born.,

When arriving to the Km 11,5 we cross a guardaganado and we can observe to our backs on the Small mountains the "Hill of the Cruz" of Carlos Paz, Turning to the left, in pick form "The bread of Sugar" of Cosquín. And finishing off as last hill to the left, The "Uritorco" of Chapel of the Mount. In front of the road on the west, we see those "giants" of the Big Mountains.

When arriving to the km. 12,4 in the left of the road will be an old fluorita mine (stone

semipreciosa of multiple uses). This quarry reaches its maximum acme during the Second World War due to the great steel demand. The skins of fluorita violets, green, yellow and others that we will find in the road come from this place.

When arriving to the km 12,7 we continue the road toward the left and let us remember that a minimum cigarette butt can produce a fire.

In the km 13,4 are in the Stay "Three Stars", dedicated wing upbringing of bovine and sheep livestock. Here we can acquire lambs, vizcacha escaveche, and homemade bread among other things. We also have the possibility to eat lunch and to enjoy the resources of this beautiful place.

We continue the walk and in the km 15,2 and we will find a tranquera (When we open the tranquera. we should have the caution that then it is very closed, we are also we circulate for private stays, let us take care of not making disturbances with the country property and the ecology of the place) .
In the km 15,7, we will arrive to a stream that heshe gives us their song of stones and glass.
In the Km 16 will see the stream again and to the left there is a coat of Comechingones. In a stone there is a mortar where youthey dent grains.
When arriving to the Km 16,6 we will be in the helmet of the Stay "The Moyorcito". Here you will be able to acquire kids and farm products.
In the km 17,6 to open the tranquera and to the left there is several "Prunings", their sweet fruit is a dish for the birds of the place and, also for children.
In the km 20,2 continue the road without deviations and when arriving to the km 20,8 we follow right and we enter in the Commune of Hill Blanca.
In the km 21,6 from this point, 100 mts. to the left, heshe is "Cecilia", careful artisan of foods like sweet, chutney and preserves that heshe alleged us with their warm attention.
In the km 22, we follow the road toward the left. This main avenue her not to give way until arriving to the bridge .
In the km 22,8 to arrive us to the bridge of the River San Antonio, we cross it (below left wing is several mortars of the Indians) and 2 kms. river up is captured and purified the water that then will drink in Carlos Paz.
When arriving to the Km 23,6 we already leave Hill Blanca to take the provincial route and we enter in the Commune of Icho Cruz.
When arriving to the km 23,9 on the right heshe is the cultural center 'I Populate Big', I siege of artists' encounter and artersanos of the place that with a lot of respect and it makes aware they produce pieces in ceramic, stone and other materials of the area.
When arriving to the km 24,6 we leave the one on the way to asphalt it gives birth to we penetrate in the center of Icho Cruz. And in the km 25,2 leave the main road and we take to the right a road in ascent.
In the Km 25,8 to the right are a tank of water, we continue for the path demarcated in the posts. To half block for the one on the way to the left is the black one "Caly', plastic artist and artisan of the place.

When arriving to the Km 26,2 we turn to the right for the main road and we will end again in the route. Previous to that, we pass below a fallen chañar and of the fruit of this tree it is made it wraps up and of their bark, dyes to tint wool.

In the km 27,3 arrive to the route and we take to the face left to Carlos Paz. In the km 28 we go by the Commune of Mayu Sumaj, mountain place very visited by their beaches.
When arriving to the km 29 we enter in San Antonio's Commune, after crossing the stream of the same name.
In the km 30,7 on the route are San Antonio's Chapel that was inaugurated October 10 1891 like house of rest and meditation. At the little time they were begun to dictate classes to your children of the conquerors.
In the km 32,6, we enter in the City of Villa Carlos Paz to 5 km ., we arrive to the center.