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Los Giles Lagoon and Lake Pulmari


Leaving from Aluminé along Provincial Route Nº 23 to the north, after only 19 km . you will find a forking where you take Provincial Route Nº 11.


Leaving from Aluminé for the Route Prov. Nº 23 in North address and making single 19 km., you will meet with the bifurcation of the route, and taking the Route Prov. nº11 toward its left hand will traffic for a consolidated road that it will take you to know one of the most beautiful circuits, with a diversity of landscapes that you/they will amaze you.

Skirting the River Pulmarí, you will meet with a small denominated lagoon Of The Giles that facilitates to make activities like the fishing in their modalities Spining in spite of their size (teaspoon) and Fly casting (fly), being forbidden the sailing. You will also be able to carry out other activities like walks or cavalcades for their surroundings. Continuing for the same road will find the first organized camping site of this area “The Fatima”, being located right by hand on the river Pulmarí.

Continuing the road will sight the Lake Pulmarí at a distance of 32 Km from Aluminé. Their characteristics are: surface of 1,6 Km², is located among hills and in general its costs are low with wide mallines and manchones of araucarias intermingled with cypresses.

The water is of grizzly color, of perfect transparency ending in the homonymous river.

He/she stands out because in their interior we find four rocky islands that stand out with some araucarias.

As for the fauna cauquenes and wild ducks can be observed.

To contemplate these natural beauties better it is convenient to ascend to “Colored Stone”, the one that receives this name since in their superior part, is vestiges of pictografías rupestres that demonstrate the existence of the old populations that you/they inhabited these lands.

From there you will be able to observe the lake, in the north riverbank you will be able to sight the construction that was baptized as Cabins Thousands.

Continuing with the journey will enter to the area of the National Park Lanin, sectional Ñorquinco, among the poster that welcomes you and the one wired that it defines the park, taking the road that opens up to the right, will consent to the only camping site area beside the river Pulmarí, which doesn't have services. Some kms later on, before bending toward the right you will meet with a bridge of double hand, and if tomás for an annexed road that opens up to your left, llegáras to the house of the Guardaparque, where you will already be able to appreciate a view of the lake Ñorquinco.

The river Pulmari, Ñorquinco is born in the lake, he/she has address toward the west, and to few km after crossing the lake of the same name, it ends definitively in the river Aluminé whose margin skirts the Route Prov. Nº11.

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