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On the way to Chile through Mamuil Malal
A beatifull tour across the international pass leadin to the Chilean lake district, where typical scenries of the andean patagonia are unveiled

This is one of the best known and most traveled passes towards Chile across the Andean Patagonia. The tour starts in the City of Junín de los Andes. From this district, take Provincial Route 62 on the left after having crossed the bridge over the Chimehuin River. As from this point, the rest of the road, which travels 60km, is mostly made of rubble with some paved stretches, of which the last 7km before entering the Lanín National Park are included.

After crossing the bridge over the Malleo River, turn left bordering the water course. At a short distance, a monkey-puzzle forest appears: an ideal place to stop and take some pictures of this emblematic local tree.

No sooner has the silhouette of the impressive Lanín Volcano become the protagonist of the scenery than you will come across the national gendarmery post and the forest ranger post one kilometer before the customs building.

Once the corresponding proceedings to leave the country are completed, a few 500 meters away, you will come across the Chilean post, where the entrance forms are completed, including the SAG ( Servicio Agrícola Ganadero ), which forbids the entrance of vegetables, animals or fresh food products in the country. Once in the trans-Andean territory, the Quillelhue Lagoon is made out. The road borders it until the cascade vantage point and the river ravine are reached. This is the area where the natural environment changes and becomes lusher and has more forest species diversity, due to the large amount of rainfall and the lower height.

A good stop during the tour is the bar and restaurant owned by Lorenzo Quintún and his family, with a beautiful garden surrounded by the mountains and the river. After a delicious coffee, the journey continues along 18km until where the paved stretch starts. Once at the Catripulli settlement, take a detour into the right where a signpost indicates the entrance to the San Luis and the Menetúe hot spring resorts, both excellent venues where visitors can lodge and rest. If the idea is to continue up to Pucón, you can get fuel supply and provisions at the next town, Currarehue, where you will also get information at the tourist office located near the main square.

The rest of the tour up to Pucón presents picturesque sceneries and various attractions that may be visited while staying in the city.

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