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To the lake Mari Menuco and archaeological walk

A visit to a lacustrine spa and will also find beautiful views skirting the blues waters of the Reservoir Hills Colorado, in a landscape with headlands and red lands. In the place there is a Museum of the Place and also the great location of gas Hill of the Can. The return is for Añelo and new area frutícola of San Patricio of the Chañar.
They are 211 km, with 181 km of asphalt and 30 km of rubble. The return is for RP7 with the option of the RN151. It is ideal to take picnic and to load fuel before leaving to carry out in one day and all time. Before leaving, to consult schedule of the Museum in organism of culture of county of the Neuquén.

From Neuquén (km 0), RP7 take toward the north toward Dike Ballester, in the km 25 take to left asphalt toward Hill of the Can. In km 28, plain with wells of petroleum.

In the Km 55, to the right, has an access to Central Hydroelectric Plain Flag. It produces 1.500 million kw per annum hour. In km 71, to left will arrive at the Spa Mari Menuco

Spa Mari Menuco

It was built by the Club it Hunts, Fishes and Nautical of Centennial, in the artificial lake Mari Menuco that, next to the neighboring lake Mires, the dikes Big Portezuelo and Hill of the Can, and the central Plain Flag, they conform the area Hills Colorado of the complex The Chocón Hills Colorado (to see Walks to The Chocón).
The lake, of beautiful blue color, contrasts with lands and red ravines. Afforestation incipient and good number of weekend housings.
The spa spreads to the exclusive use of partners; the visitors pay an expensive entrance. Down the street main you arrives to the lake, with slope of boats and a small jetty for all type of nautical and aquatic activity.
In the gallery of the sweet shop of the Club, in front of the jetty, will be able to observe the moved rhythm of the spa.
There is good place to camp and proveedurías. In February is carried out in this village the Party of the Lake Mari Menuco. Outside of the club, can make picnic and to relax for the paths that go down to the lake.
To continue the Walk, advance until km 78, here you continues for rubble, maintain a moderate speed.

In km 79 come out an in route to Museum of Place, but follow right and in km 87, to the left, will have an impressive view of the lake Mires, born of the reservoir artificial Hills Colorado.
In the km 94 pay attention, the road it continues to Dike forward Big Portezuelo. Turn here to the right, and will see to the front chimneys that you/they scent gas. In the km 97, again to their right, leave the car and 150 m walk to visit in the high of a hill the Museum of Place .

Museum of Place

A museum of this type preserves the materials in its original disposition. In this case it is a before Columbus indigenous cemetery, of more than 500 years, the same one was discovered in 1988 and studied in 1989. The tombs remain intact, being explained the particularities of the archaeological location through panels and outlines in the building that covers them and it protects. The Grouping Mapuche Painemil, owner of these lands, participated next to the investigating Ana María Bizet in the creation of the museum, only of her type in the Patagonia .

When leaving, return 2 km and go in 1 km to the very visible location Hill of the Can of YPF. Gas is extracted, transported and distributed by Transportadora Gas of the South; the gasoducto goes to big plants of Chelforó (R.N.) and General Cerri (in Bay Blanca). In the location they work people that live, in its majority, in Cutral-Có and Square Huincul. The personnel explains the process.

To finish the Walk, go heading for Añelo it turns to their right toward the north thatched top of the river Neuquén. The roads in this area are for oil tankers and personal of you dam them and they don't almost have indications. Make about 8 kms, crossing guardaganados and the iron bridge and wood of a single hand, on the river Neuquén. It will arrive to the RP7, asphalted. Take to the left and in the 4 km it will be in Añelo (km 112), town of services for field people and oil personnel, with 1.500 inhabitants.

Advance a little for RP7 toward the northwest and climbing the thatched top, the plain will appear. If there is good visibility will see, in the distance, raised in the snub space, the loner to unfathomable mountain Auca Mahuida ( 2.253 m .s.n.m.). Return to Añelo (it puts km 0) and continue for RP7 toward the east. will see to their right fields alfalfados with some corn and potatoes. To their left the red thatched top. Km 20, in Place Tratayen, observe how the wind wore away the thatched top and it sculpted curious monoliths beside the route.

In km 35, a new watering system takes it dilutes of the left riverbank of the river Neuquén: chacras of San Patricio of the Chañar. Here, big companies packers exporters cultivate from 1970 pears, hairless and apples in trellis, in 4.000 there is.

Ahead, in km 43, place The Crossing, comes out to left RP8 to Corner of the Sallows, oil town of explosive growth. To the right, the asphalt to takes to Dike Plain Flag.

In km 52 San Patricio of the Chañar will cross. In February, Provincial Party of the Hairless one. To the right can make picnic well in its forest spa (to 3 km ). Advancing, in km 60 to right, Rosauer, traditional nursery of rosebushes in the country, and in km 62, Villa Manzano, rural workers' modest town.

A little later on it will arrive to the round with RN151. Take to right 3 km , until another round of Thatched top of the Means, in km 72. Turn again to right, move the Dike Ballester and return for RP7 to Neuquén, in km 99 (km 211 from the beginning).

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