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It visits on foot for San Martin de los Andes

For the characteristics of the city and their attractive surroundings, it is recommended to know it on foot with a visiton foot
To begin it in Av. San Martin, to the east next to the hill forestado where it is the station of service YPF and where the RN234 arrives. For the avenue, to descend toward the lake to the Square Sarmiento, where the kiosk of Copral is, with crafts indigenous neuquinas that are sold for the benefit of the artisans. They take the author's name, the place and making date. From there, in Av. San Martin you nuclea the almost entirety of the local trade. They highlight diverse business of crafts, among them «The Black Sheep» and «Wald» located in the old building of the Hotel Lácar, become commercial gallery; «Strawberries and Wood», specialized in craft in wood; and chocolates «Mamusia». in front of the square San Martin, to visit the local of the

It would secrete Municipal of Tourism to receive information. AI side the Museum of the Pioneers is (to request key in the Municipality). In the square, to the front, it is the Intendency of the National Park Lanín, built in equal style that that of the National Park Nahuel Huapi.
Church of San José
This to half block of the square in General Rock and Captain Drury. Their interior is wooden, with a Christ it has more than enough mound of stones and wooden portavelas carved with religious images that remember the work of the salesianos. A detail of interest is the reproduction of the Sacred Shroud in natural size.

San Martin advance for Av. toward the lake; the trade goes diminishing and the big hotels continue; will see the hospital and the bus terminal. In front of the lake, to turn to the left, observing the sculpture of the deer that was symbol of the city during years. For the coastal one there is jetty where they leave the lacustrine trips and non capable beach to take a bath. To the left, the RN234 skirts the lake; to the beginning there are 2 stone columns with bust of the general Rudecindo Rock, founder of San Martin (1850-1903), and low relief in brass in homage to the expeditionary of the desert.

To finish, don't forget the delicious local products as chocolates, smoky meats of deer or boar, cheeses and sweet regional; at dusk the squash practice, skating on ice, the casino or the distotecas.
The Red Bus
This well-known typically London micro as "Double Bus" carries out a city tour for the urban helmet of San Martin de los Andes and its surroundings, with specialized guides that relate all it with respect to the history, culture, geography, geology, and other data of the place. A different way to enjoy a city conventional tour.

About 6 kms travel toward the denominated area The Vega it stops then to return to the city and to ascend to the Hotel Sun of The Andes to observe the city and the lake, with a spectacular panoramic view.

Of there it travels the four kms that separate San Martin de los Andes from the access to the beach Catritre and the entrance to the tourist complex Paihuen, always skirting the lake Lacar.
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