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Iconos de Referencia
Walk to the Park National Lagoon Blanca
It visits to a place solitary town of aquatic birds. Volcanic landscape surrounds to the lagoon. There are telephoto and outline to observe the birds.
To the Park of Snow Primeros Pinos and Lake Aluminé
Excellent and easy ski hint, ideal for learning. Frequented by residents of High Valley and Neuquén.
City tour in Zapala
This city is the portal to the Plateaus and Andes of the Neuquén. It is a center of services and tourists' meeting with destinations to the lakes cordilleranos and the earth of the pehuén, to the ther...
From Zapala to Caviahue Copahue
Beautiful trip for pastoral area, skirting the Sour river. Onlookers forms of the Bay Cliffs and I arrive to mountain Center in Caviahue. Not very later on, Bathrooms of Copahue, level thermal baths a...
RN22 from Zapala to step international Pine Hachado
Gradual ascent of the plateau toward the mountain range and the earth of the magnificent pehuenes.
Mineralogy Museum Dr. Juan A. Olsacher
This Museum this dedicated to the biological sciences exclusively prevailing the mineralogy and paleontology mainly of the province.
Lion cave and Coral reef
This located at 25km of Zapala for the Route that takes to Las Lajas, and happening for “Agua de los Alazanes”, you will go up 5 km for a path to an abandoned marble quarry.
From Zapala to Chos Malal
Landscape steppe. Then it travels among the cords Churriaca and Rayoso, of attractive layers of silts, to arrive to the old capital of Neuquén and center of this Sector.
From Zapala to Villa Pehuenia for RP 13
Beautiful journey toward the center of the Earth of the Pehuén, arriving to Villa Pehuenia with a beautiful environment formed by the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue
Trekking in the snow in Primeros Pinos
To get to Primeros Pinos from Zapala, go 45 km along paved Provincial Route 13. From Villa Pehuenia, go 90 km along rubble Provincial Route 13 until you reach your destination.
Parque Nacional Laguna Blanca
This park this located to the Southwest of the province of Neuquén in the department of Zapala. It is to an it distances of 30 Km toward the east of the city of Zapala .