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How to get there







A single means of transport is not enough to know these lands well. Aerosillas, catamarans, canoes and trains to vapor are attractive tourist in themselves; on the other hand, the southern routes invite to travel them in very prepared cars

Inform on the state of the routes

A wide layout of routes furrows the region. Some tracts close in winter for the snow, and other (as some that go into in parks) they can present rocks in the road.

To the south of the parallel one 42, by El Bolsón, the gasoline is sold to price half.

  • Junin de los Andes Vialidad (02972) 42-7403
  • San Martin de los Andes Vialidad (02972) 42-7403
  • El Bolsón Vialidad (02944) 49-2527
  • Esquel Vialidad (02945) 45-1277
Driving with snow

Who plans to travel the Andean Patagonia in automobile, without caring the time of the year in that makes it, it should be prepared to manage with unequal rubble, snow or ice in the routes.

It is recommended to take chains or special tires, as well as to carry to an extreme the cautions. In case the car skates or cross in a rubble route, it is not necessary to brake abruptly neither volantear, but reducing managing the accelerator

The border pass to Chile

There are six border steps among Junin of the Andes, in Neuquén, and Trevelin, in Chubut it is demanded DNI, or passport. Those smaller than 21 years need permission.

Lacustrine trips
The main lakes of the region (Huechulafquen, Paimún, Lácar, Nahuel Huapi, Mascardi and Puelo) they are navigable, either in individual boats or with trips organized in catamaran.

Through both means beaches are known, the islands Huemul and Victoria or the Forest of Arrayanes.
The patagonia on wheels

For those who choose to travel the circuits renting a car, an example: a vehicle can be obtained in Bariloche during three days for approximately $250 (sure and included taxes), with 900 free km.

The areas of the National Parks include routes, often of rubble, of difficulty variable. Some can only be traveled in 4x4, or they are impassable in winter for the snow.

For the long trips

Of the terminal station of bus of Retiro there are buses for all the destinations of Argentina and also for some cities of the neighboring countries.

The comforts of the bus and the prices of the trip vary of agreement with the companies. There are also quick services, with less stopped in route and bus-bed.

Train was the one of before
Some old railroads to vapor have put on again in circulation as tourist hook. This is the case of the Old Expressed Patagónico "La Trochita", among El Maitén and Esquel, or the "Old one Expressed" that goes from Bariloche to Perito Moreno.
  How to get there in car to Zapala  
From Neuquén, Bahía Blanca and Buenos Aires, all on the east, along national route Nº 22. From Temuco in Chile, along national route Nº 40 from Mendoza. From San Martín de los Andes, Junín de los Andes and Bariloche on the south, along routes 234 and 40

Bus Transport
Albus Terminal de Ómnibus -
Centenario Etcheluz s/n -
Chevallier S.A. Terminal de Omnibus -
Cruz del Sur Mayor Torres 1399 -
El Petroleo Terminal de Omnibus -
El Valle Tel: 42-1253 -
Fenix SRL Candelaria 246 -
Sprint Viajes San Martín 338 -
Vía Bariloche Terminal de Omnibus - Boletin 4 -

Taxi Agencies and Taxi Service
El Sur Radio Taxi San Martín y Chanetón -
Lihuen Radio Taxi Etcheluz 57 -
Peñi-Co Avellaneda s/n -
Radio Taxi Lider Avellaneda 938 esquina Mitre -
Zapala Chaneton -

Air Transportation
Lade Uriburu 371 -