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From Zapala to Chos Malal
Ruta a Chos Malal
Landscape steppe. Then it travels among the cords Churriaca and Rayoso, of attractive layers of silts, to arrive to the old capital of Neuquén and center of this Sector.
They are 211 asphalted km. With station of service, motel and restaurant in The Flagstones where the RN40 takes. Fuel and complete services in Chos Malal.
Leave of Zapala (km 0), by RN22 in address to Las Lajas. It is a tract of 55 km, descripto in RN22, from Zapala to International pass Pine Hachado.
From Las Lajas, continue for the new appearance of RN 40. Landscape steppe, and in the distance to the south it winds the Sour river, Ahead it passes to the south of the pampas Pilmatué and in km 105, bridge on the Salted river (toward the old south RN40 traces it takes to Zapala).
Advancing, to the left Mountains Churriaca (2.040 m). In km 125, to right, hill with layers of silts that it looks like a fan.

To the 151 kms, the hill Rayoso (1.700 m), of red base and you specify layers of silts. In their piedemonte the river runs Pichi Neuquén.

In km 162, to right RP9 to Step Huitrin (with raft). In km 168, cross of the river Pichi Neuquén. In km 171, Pampas of the Naunauco. New houses of the Plan of Rural Housing reproduce in the whole field neuquino.

In km 207 to left, RP6 to The Huecú. In km 209, cross of the bridge on the river Neuquén, a small one Begins irrigable of chacras and some vineyards. Continue, to enter in km 211 to Chos Malal.
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