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RN22 from Zapala to step international Pine Hachado

Gradual ascent of the plateau toward the mountain range and the earth of the magnificent pehuenes.
They are 105 km asphalted by RN22. Lodging and food in The Flagstones. In Step International Pine Hachado, control customs officer, National Gendarmería and Chilean Customs officers. In Chile, near towns: Lonquimay to 77 km and Curacautín, to 134 km of the frontier.

From Zapala (km 0) it leaves for RN22, toward the west. In km 15, it leaves to the right RP3 that connects with Mariano Moreno among picturesque chacritas, neighboring town to the Regiment of Infantry of Montaña, crossing for old RN40, in their old appearance to Chos Malal.

Ahead, in km 35, to their right come out in route to Cave of the León, cavern in the cord Curimil.

Advance and in km 49 to right RP10, Ileva for south margin of the Sour river to town of Slope of the Sour one (to 40 km ), town on the old appearance of the RN40, where the houses have fifths of vegetables amid alfalfares and horticulture.

There, Party of the Farmer at the beginning of March. Continue and in km 55, enter to the right 1,5 km to Las Lajas.

Las Lajas

This town is a center of services and seat of an unit of National Gendarmería and of pastoral area. In Rock and Av, of the you Begin it, the Municipal Museum that possesses regional, archaeological and geologic historical documentation, this institution is it is tied to the cavernamiento of Knife Curá, well-known in speleology and located near here.

Always for RN22, it winds to right the Sour river. In km 61, it leaves to right RP21 to Caviahue. Advance for valley among thatched tops, later pampas and, starting from km 74, long and soft ascent.

In km 89, about 30 pehuenes emerges among rocks, they are the first ones, increasing in density until the end of the tract. later on to the right he/she will have to good view of the serranías where will find they eats big walls with basaltic columns.

In the km 101, National Gendarmería. To the left RP23 comes out to Villa Pehuenia, for hard road, rural landscape, surrounded of pehuenales and basaltic columns in veranada fields.

Ahead, in 4 km , frontier with Chile. walk continuous of rubble, in 77 km until Lonquimay and 134 km until Curacautín, both with services.

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