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From Zapala to Villa Pehuenia for RP 13

Beautiful journey toward the center of the Earth of the Pehuén, arriving to Villa Pehuenia with a beautiful environment formed by the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue
They are 122 km for RP13. Asphalted 54 and rubble 68. Without services in road. To carry out in summer. Villa Pehuenia has organized autocamping and hostel. Free camping site in diverse places, Stops more than one day. To take bathroom suit. It is good area to fishing. Fill the tank before leaving
From Zapala, by RP13 until termination of the asphalt, they are 54 km descriptos in Walk Park of Snow First Pines.

The RP13 continues with good rubble. Serpentine tracts, before and after the bridge of the Cochicó. You will see big pehuenes in the splendid mountains of Catan Lil.

The route advances for the north of the pampas of Lonco Luan. In km 103 the road is superimposed with RP23, it skirts the river Litrán, quick and wound, frequented by fishermen that camp or they only stay one day. It will sight, in km 107, the lake Aluminé. In this point RP23 continues to town Aluminé (to 48 km) and Junín of the Andes (to 150 km). it Advances for RP13, with floor of sand, crossing the river Litrán, in reserved area for fishing with fly, Begins to left to skirt the lake Aluminé and in km 122 arrive to village Pehuenia.
Villa Pehuenia
Incipient tourist center with provincial facilities for residential investments and of services to the tourist. Base of the campamentismo, it visits to fishing places, practice of nautical sports, beach, walks, walks in car and to horse. In the village there are schools and housings of the evangelical church. Autocamping Don Cirilo and cabins. AI side, a warehouse of general fields where it will find all that needs. Also hostel and areas of houses of I vacation.

The village centers its future potential in the beautiful environment formed by the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue, the beautiful profile cordillerano covered with forest and the vicinity to the step Icalma, to Chile that communicates there with another incipient one. and beautiful tourist area. The name of the village remembers to the beautiful tree, of the family of the coniferous one, originating of this latitude and cultivated in the entire world in gardening and parks. It is the Pehuen or Araucaría.
Pehuen or Araucaria
The “Araucanian Araucaria” it is emblem of this region, Inhabits from Caviahue the north, to the lake Huechulafquen and hillsides of the volcano Lanín, to the south. AI this, from First Pines (to 54 km of Zapala) and Rahue, until the corresponding latitude beyond the Andes, to the west. It is endemic of Argentina and Chile. This giant of the forests subantárticos has extremely right conical cylindrical trunk, lacking branches until great height, taking forms aparasolada and that mysterious air that have the old copies. 40 m of height and 2,20 m of diameter can reach in the trunk, but the half term is from 25 m of height and 0,70 to 1,10 m of diameter. Their fruits are the nutritious pinenuts; always picked up by the ethnoses you would originate (before the pehuenches and today the mapuches), they integrate good part of their diet to be rich in hydrates of carbon.

The “Araucanian Araucaria” classified for the first time in 1797, in Chile, received their name in homage to the Araucanian town. It belongs to the oldest in the classes of coniferous and their family “araucaraceas” it gathers to 8 species, distributed in the south cone of America and in Australia (in Argentina it also exists the species Araucaria brasiliensis, in the northeast, in Missions).

That it exists in so remote continents reveals their old origin, makes millions of years, before these separated. It is then a tree “relicto”, survivor of a remote past. The Englishmen call him “monkey puzzle” (puzzle of the monkey), for the intricate form that they adopt their branches. Villa Pehuenia is located in the north riverbank of the Lake Aluminé.

Lake Aluminé
Of 54 km2, of low coast and beach in this riverbank, in the opposed one it is steep. In general has irregular borders with ends and bays, to islands with pehuenes, transparent and blued waters don't fry. The mountainous cord that surrounds it is of basaltic formation. In the south riverbank, hills Bat Mahuida south and Piñihue, behind the Beaked one, of 2.224 m.

The village extends, without continuity neither density, rotating around the lake. A km toward the west, stray and will find the Hostel Lake Aluminé, on the edge of the lake and with excellent view. Hit, the coast and picnic area, slope of boats. It possesses a beach with thick sand to take a bath in family, beyond 5 m toward the interior only for swimmers avezados. Around hostel and in a small hill there are summer houses.

Continuing the circuit toward the west, in km 4, organized autocamping “The Tears”, minimercado. In km 8, leave the car, walk and know Angostura.
It is where the lake Aluminé unites in a strait, of 500 m of long and 20 of wide, to the lake Moquehue.

Continuing the route, will see sanitary post and nursery County of the Neuquén, dedicated to the recovery of forests degraded by fire or on shepherding. Then, control of Gendarmería and Customs.
In km 12, bifurcation: to right RP13 it continues to International Step Icalma.

Continue for RP11, for a road wound with floor of sand. It will surely see clusters of male goats pruning and pasturing. The Andean forest you more and more dense restitution. To the 19 kms the Lake appears in pretty view Moquehue.
Lake Moquehue
It is from irregular Costa, steep in their biggest part, with blued crystalline waters and a little colder than those of the lake Aluminé. The road skirts it, he/she will see summer houses (disseminated through several kilometers).
Slope of boats and places for free camping site, fisheing and sailing place in the lake to the wild island Lepén.

In km 27 crossing the stream The Souls and the area where the pehuenes reforestation is rehearsed.

In km 29, village Moquehue, with school, particular cabins, warehouse, forest posse, Gendarmería and old and pleasant Hostel Beautiful Sleeper. In front, camping site. Everything framed to the bottom by the hill Beautiful Sleeper (a put to bed woman looks like).

Circuit of 30 km that finishes the urban-tourist expansion of the Villa Pehuenia
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