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Res. Prov. Caleta Valdés - Puerto Madryn
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Reserves Provincial Creek Valdés













This reservation this in the Peninsula Valdés, on Ocean Atlantic, northeast of the County of Chubut, Dpto.Viedma., it was created in 1983 by means of the Provincial Law 2161 and it possesses a surface of 20 hectares .
During the XIX century, the Marine Elephants were hunted in almost all their breeding posts. Of their thick layer of fat an oil was obtained that it was used as fuel of lamps in houses and streets, as lubricantre and as matter for the industry of paintings, soap and foods. Of the big slaughters carried out in the Patagonia , between 1803 and 1819, they were obtained near 1.756.000 liters of oil. Fortunately, the populations of Peninsula Valdés was not exploited in form to regulate, what saved them of the extermination.
Foundations of their creation
To protect the posts and areas of breeding of the Marine Elephant of the South, as well as small colonies of Penguins of Magellan.
It distances from near towns
From Port Madryn: 179 km
Coast Atlantic Patagónico and Steppe Patagónica.
General description
One of the best places to see Marine Elephants is, for on other places of the coast patagónico, the Creek Valdés . Having like mark paisajístico the arid Steppe Patagónica, it is located in the western border of the Peninsula Valdés, and it is one of the best refuges for many animal species you marinate. The Creek in itself is a thin fringe of earth of about 30 kilometers of longitude that hardly contains a connected sea portion with the surrounding ocean, through a small boca . Over there it circulates the marine water freely, to the rhythm of the high tides and low tides. That lengthened natural lagoon of calm waters, constitutes an unbeatable environment for the Marine Elephants. Isolated naturally of the rest of the region by high and abrupt cliffs, the beaches of pedregullo of the Creek, are the scenario where part of the vital cycle of this mammal lapses. It is in places like this where, at the beginning of August, they begin to arrive the first mature males. After appropriating of a beach sector, they will go gathering as many females as it is they possible, conforming this way a "harem." During the whole reproduction time the males will remain without feeding, subsisting with their reservations of fat acquired in high sea. Most of the time dedicates it to defend their females of the pretenses of other males. The females arrive to the pregnant coast of the previous season, giving to light a breeding of color black intenso  that bleats as a lamb. The puppy is breastfeeded during three weeks, growing quickly, thanks to the high content of fat of the maternal milk. After the weaning, the female enters again in zeal. Since during the change of their coat they don't go into in the sea, they remain inactive reclined in the beaches, presenting old and gray attractive brown manchones of skin of the new one. The Creek also harbors numerous populations of Penguin of Magellan that build its caves on the earth language that separates the interior lagoon of the sea. The Orcas frequents the waters in search of preys like Elephants and Marine Wolves and possibly Penguins. The great tourist promotion that are having areas like this, so much in the national environment as international, should belong together with the care of the natural resource that works as main attractiveness. The shortage of Guardafaunas hinders a strict control of the groups of tourists that descend to the beaches to photograph the Marine Elephants. This Reservation can be considered only given the opportunity that offers of observing easily great part of the vital cycle of marine mammals in its half natural one
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