Parques Nacionales en Argentina
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National Parks

Argentina posseses numerous National Parks especially created to preserve landscapes, geological, and palaeontologic patrimonies, and autochthonous flora and fauna of our country.

These parks have different geographical characteristics and quite varied sorroundings.

Through them, visitor can be in close contact with nature; appreciate astounding beauties such as The Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier, (both declared National Patrimony of the Humanity by the  UNESCO); know the flora and fauna of different regions; admire geological formations and fossils; get astounded by the woods, lakes and snow-capped mountains; observe  gigantic millenarian larchs and the beautiful myrtles that are unique in the world.

You will find a world of possibilities to live the virgin nature and carry out different activities such as sporting fishing, trekking, rafting, horse-riding, mountain bike and photographic safaris, among others

Most of the Parks National Argentineans understand two different categories in fact: National parks that try to conserve the ecosystems in their possible more natural state, and for such an alone reason it is allowed in them the development of tourist activities and the scientific investigation; and National Reservations that generally surround to the parks and they act like an area of subduing of the impacts that produce the human activities in the areas not protected aledañas and, besides the recreational and scientific activities, they admit the regulated use of the natural resources under the supervision of the Administration of National Parks.

Next we detail the near parks to the tourist destinations raised in the guide that have appropriate accesses and infrastructure for the tourist:


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