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The fishing in Chubut

Five basins of rivers and lakes, located in mountainous valleys to the west of the county of Chubut, conform one of the most important areas in the world for the sport fishing in their diverse modalities, during the season that extends among half-filled of November and until the month of April.
Equivalent to 40% of the total of the mirrors and courses of waters located in the region of the mountain range patagónica these basins they are low adapted conservation politicians and guided that they make of the fishing with fly an activity of assured pleasure.

The basins of the rivers offer the fisherman the opportunity of a fishing varied in salmónidos species. Trouts rainbow, fontinalis, brown, the Creole Trout and the Salmon of the Pacific inhabit the continental waters during the time of it spawns of each one of the noted species

The conservation politicians and protection of the resource find an appropriate correlato in the presence of about thirty five veteran fishing guides, rooted around the Association of Guides of Fishing of the Chubut.

Fishing areas
Esquel Blanca
Muster Puyahile
Colhué Huapí Gran Salada
Escondida Del Diablo



La Plata











Dique F. Ameghino





Amutui Quimey

Lago 1 (Río Pico)

Lago 2 (Río Pico)

Lago 3 (Río Pico)

Lago 4 (Río Pico)

Lago 5 (Río Pico)

Chubut Percey Frío
Comisario Senguerr Putrachoique
Mayo Blanco Turbio
Canelo Futaleufú Tigre
Frey Arrayanes Los Alerces
Huemul Carrenleufú Desaguadero
Unión Pico Tecka
Gualjaina Corcovado Corinto
Arroyo Pescado Epuyén Rivadavia
Three lakes and Senguerr river Río Mayo
The lake Three and the river Senguerr is preferential places where one can only fish with fly and with obligatory refund.
Fishing in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is characterized to have an exceptional gulf for the fishing, as much from the coast as embarked. Rich in species, good fishing beaches and variety of landscapes, the environs of the cit...
River basin of the Corcovado River Esquel
This area this located to two hundred fifty kilometers to the south of Esquel and it is considered, it is not one of the widest, varied and superlative opportunities of fishing of trouts found in any ...
Fishing in Esquel, National Park Los Alerces and Cholila Esquel
The area is famous for its crystalline waters and the great population of fish, this reservation is a section retirement of natural marvels,it is a paradise for the fisherman framed by snowy mountains...
Fishing in the basin of River Pico the river and their five famous lakes Esquel
The River Picos area west and the Nilson they are small and beautiful rivers with a very abundant population of fish and currents slow and quick ideal for the fishing .
Fishing in the basin of the River Futaleufú Trevelin
In the National Park Los Alerces a complex system of lakes allows the fishing of all type of trouts
Fishing in Commodore Rivadavia Comodoro Rivadavia
Commodore Rivadavia City that is taken a bath by the rich waters of our sea and that although doesn't have so much variety of species, if it is characterized by their abundance.
Fishing in the Florentine Dike Ameghino Telew
This imposing work of located engineering 120kms., of Trelew, in the place it is had a camping site endowed with vents, sanitariums and proveeduría and they can also be carried out such activities as ...
Fishing of trouts in Trevelin Trevelin
To 22 Km . of Esquel, and to only 18 Km . of the National Park Los Alerces, the Town of the Mill is a true "Paradise of Fishermen."
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