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Fishing in Entre Ríos
Pesca en Entre Ríos



Pesca en Entre Ríos





Pesca en Entre Rios




The geographical mark that offers the province of Entre Ríos notices clearly about the possibilities of sports linked closely in the nature, as the fishing and the hunt.

The variety of courses of water (rivers, streams, lagoons) and the extension of rural areas provides a patrimony fluvial and terrestrial faunístico of unbeatable conditions that they give margin to amplísimas trips of successful results.

In the center they can take advantage countless courses of water as the river Gualeguaychú that is extremely favorable in winter for the fishing of the pejerrey; the stream Feliciano and the river Gualeguay, among others. And in the sector this, the river Uruguay, with their magnificent and extensive fluvial mark.

Each fluvial corner of the county constitutes a fishing one; however, they deserve to stand out:


  • La Jaula : abundant pieces of great size are charged: golden, surubíes, pacúes, moncholos, etc.
  • La Juanita : you gets paid golden, surubíes, moncholos, pacúes, etc.
  • Villa Urquiza : very appropriate to camp. Species: golden, surubí, moncholo, patí and, mainly, abundant quantity of manduví.
  • Villa Hernandarias : excellent place where the most varied species are obtained.
  • Santa Elena : abundant fishing and of excellent quality, mainly between September and March.
  • La Paz : one of the most sought-after places for the sport fishing, especially the gilding, of which pieces of good behavior are obtained.
  • Puerto Diamante : prevail, bogas, pacúes, dorados.
  • Ríos y arroyos del Delta : all the species can be obtained in quality and quantity. The pejerreyes is plentiful.
  • Calera Colombo : it is possible to fish from the jetty.
  • Victoria : The varied quantity of copies that are plentiful in its riachos is a powerful incentive for the tourists.
  • Zona del río Gualeguaychú and in the Ensenada del Bellaco : interesting pejerrey pieces are obtained.







Paraná Pavon

Paraná Ibicuy



Del Pescado


Del Toro

De las Cañas



Del Yacaré


Yuquerí Chico





San Lorenzo





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