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Sport fishining in Salta












































When referring to the general aspect of Salta we sustained that it is one of the most gifted counties as for attractiveness for the fishing. As all the mediterranean ones, it lacks the possibility of the marine fishing, but it is compensated with the length if one keeps in mind that in their limits they can be practiced infinity of modalities of sport fishing, from the dry fly, summun of the activity according to the experts, until the wait fishing with a heavy team, for the surubí and the manguruyú.

That wide panorama embraces the fishing of high mountain and that of the big basins hidrográficas of the rivers Pilcomayo, Bermejo and Pasaje or Juramento.

In the fishing of high mountain, the atmosphere is reduced as for the flow of the rivers and streams. In the area of the big salares, in full puna, eyes of limpid water exist, with a surprising and high index planctónico that has allowed the development of trouts rainbow. Spinning teams are generally used in the Bermejo River in Salta and also of fly. The variety that was imposed was the rainbow.

More toward the south and entering in the valleys calchaquíes is in fact the river Calchaquí the one that follows us offering trouts. Already to the height of Cachi and Payogasta this course, in spite of losing part of its flow in phreatic basins, presents well-known pozones for the villagers in those that take refuge trout copies of up to 3 Kg ., size more than enough as to encourage to the cañófilos. This river becomes the Guachipas then and it overturns its flow in the great pot of Goat Corral, where the fauna ictícola gets rich with big pejerreyes, bagres of up to 3 Kg . and carps that reached the desmesurado weight of 12 Kg .

The salmónidos almost embraces the entirety of the mountain rivers and they only go back before the cooled waters and muddy of the flat sector of the county. There they leave the scepter to the fish of the basin parano-platense that form legion and they attract in turn to regulate quantity of fans.

In this respect it is necessary to point out that in the slopes north and west, in the vicinities of Orán, the area of the "gilding begins with fly". This modality has year after year bigger quantity of followers. It demands the line use 9, cane of resistant and enough fly "Backing"o reservation nylon in the spool. They are generally chosen sliding of the rivers like the San Francisco , the Iruya or the sources of the Bermejo one on Bolivia . This fishing is only carried out (as almost the whole activity) with the river in bajante.

When growing, all the courses become torrents of cloudy waters that drag whole trees. In that moment the fishing is impossible I save to the wait in some eddy and that intent is quite problematic.

With waters in transparent bajante, clear, in many places, the use of lures is been even with fish like the vogue and the false salmon (pirá-pytá). The lures of slow action to half water are also effective for the surubí and the big bagres.

The fly team gives golden it demands an addition that many sportsmen reject and is the leader of very thin rope of lined steel. Although the laws of the game are in agreement with the rejection, it corresponds here to point out that if the steel leader doesn't exist he will register you itch but you won't charge any piece. It also fits to consign that the fishing with light teams rarely is translated in the relentless sacrifice of the piece, since the sportsman generally acts inside the water (with waders) and she can leave in freedom to the fish once this is conquered, without more problems for her subsistence, when the size and the quantity of pieces obtained indicate this way it.

For the spinning team (light launching of tablespoons and lures) a cane is recommended of not more than 2,10 m . of long, front reel with nylon number 30 as maximum and revolvable and undulant teaspoons of slow or quick action, according to the conditions of the river. The fishing with natural bait can be made with team something more overwhelming and also with abundant nylon reservation.

In the mountain rivers, like it happens in the whole great region Andean north, the absence of vegetation is a clear advantage in the use of the fishing implementos and a disadvantage for who doesn't adopt the cautions in the approach to the banks. In all those courses can (it should) to be used the fly team, mainly because it is allowed to valorize the captured fish and that this develops a fight, always unilateral, since it will be made in favor of the current and through this. The approach, we say, it should be made in slow form, with cautions in what concerns to the blow on the floor of the coast. The earth (and more the earth aluvional of the banks, always soft) it transmits with great clarity those blows to the liquid mass that are registered instantly by the trout. Good part of it means it their survival, so so much the blow, as the projection of our image on the surface will be elements completely negative informers. Many times the trout will remain to our view, immobile, I nuzzle against the current. But it will be noticed. So much so that we are certain it, how in a recent visit to the river Cachi, we repeat until the fatigue the step of tablespoons and lures of all type without these deserved at least an identification approach on the part of the fish.


Equipment and guides


The most typical trips are those of fishing. In all the rivers of permanent flow we will find, as gilded main species, surubíes, manguruyúes, pacúes, vogues, mocholos (bagre type that reaches considerable weight, 12 Kg .) among others. The guides should be located in the club of fishing of Orán or in the Provincial Address of Tourism of that same county.

The dress is that of sagari in warm areas with some coat. The most important thing is the repellent of insects that will always accompany the fisherman or hunter.

The team of fly fishing is fundamental in the area of the park The King, to about 140 Kms. of Jujuy . It is a natural reservation but the fishing is allowed with fly. They are obtained golden, almost exclusively and of good size. It can also be fished in the rivers that leave the limit of the park, in which it is also used conventional team with natural bait.

Fishing areas

Campo Alegre

Las Lomitas


Cabra Corral

Las Maderas






Inca Huasi

Pastos Chicos




Nahuel Puñaco
San Isidro

De las Pircas


Agua salada




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