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Rafting in Iguazú falls






From the hotel, we went to take the ecological train that led us to the station Throat and to be able to carry out the rafting it is this way of 3 km for the Superior Delta of the Iguazú.


Riding on the ecologic "little train" is an attractive and different way of knowing about the goodness of the park.. What's great about this innovative means of transport is that its pollution is considered of low impact to nature. It takes 150 passengers along 7 kilometers to the incomparable Garganta del Diablo in 20 minutes.

We comfortably took our wood seats getting ready for what was to come. We started to observe what mother nature had prepared for us during the trip. The railway borders part of Iguazú River and gradually gets immersed in the green foliage of Misiones where there are different autochthonous birds that, used to the locomotive pass, gave us the spectacle of their beautiful colors.

As we got to Garganta Station, we were welcomed by people from Iguazú Jungle Explorer with whom we had made arrangements to go on the navigation. Ricardo- our guide- was the one in charge of creating the necessary atmosphere for us to enjoy our best the experience.

A short security chat which included things we were about to see was enough to feel confident and be carried away with adventure.

We were given life vests and, after being allowed to get into the rubber boat, we started living the expedition. Ricardo- expert guide in rowing rafts- started moving the boat leading it down Iguazú River Superior Delta. There, the water current is calmer since the basaltic outflow at the bottom of the river is more resistant to the erosive action of water and thus, Iguazú branches leaving small islets, real shelters for the regional fauna.

The floating started and it did not take us long to be in communion with the environment. These kinds of excursions are ideal because they allow you to get in contact with nature in a surprising frame of silence which is only interrupted by the sound of insects, amphibians and birds.

Totally relaxed, we start watching allygators, "dragon" allygators, lizards, butterflies, river turttles, caterpillars and endless insects which are difficult to pronounce.

Silence, owner of these latitudes, took hold of time for us to enjoy the purest and most direct contact with nature. It is worth doing this excursion.

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