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To Chile for via lacustrine

Opportunity to cross the mountain range, navigating for three beautiful lakes of Argentina and Chile.
Travel of 12 h of San Carlos from Bariloche to Port Montt, included lunch and detentions, with trasbordos in ships and four tracts in bus. You reserve to see it ties. It notices: in winter, the trip lasts two days, because it is not reached to complete the voyage with day light.
Travel of 1 day
Part 1
Exit of San Carlos of Bariloche to the 7 h, in bus of tourism; to travel in 30 min 25 km of the coastal one until Port Handkerchief where will see big motonaves of tourism that furrow the lake and, to the front, the Hotel Llao Llao.
Part 2
In Port Pañuelo goes aboard to the: 7:30 h, in the Catamaran The Condor. The voyage, of an hour and a half, it skirts the peninsula of Llao Llao and then continues for the Arm Blest, passing next to the island Sentry: there they are the mausoleum and tomb Perito Francisco. Then Blest arrives to Port that has jetty and hostel.
Part 3
In Port Blest takes a bus that, in 15 minutes, makes an itinerary of 6 km skirting the river you Fry with dense forest, where imposing larches stand out, to arrive to Cheerful Port in the riverside of the lake Frías.
Port 4
In Port Alegre it embarks in catamaran to cross the beautiful lake Frías Of waters color green emerald clearing and surrounded of a virgin forest, will be able to enjoy the first one: see of the mount Tronador. When arriving to Port Frías in the other end, they are carried out the exit steps in the Argentinean customs.
Port 5
Carried out the step, a tract of 27 km begins in bus. You leaves Port Frías 700 m of altitude, ascending during 4 km until reaching the frontier in the step Vicente Pérez Rosales. Then the road begins an abrupt and serpentine slope to arrive in 6 km more House Pangue.
House Pangue

The place is called this way by its: gigantic pangue leaves or nalca that served from refuge to the first travelers during the rain. There is an impressive view to the drawer of the river and the Mount Tronador of 3.478 m of altitude. From their snowdrifts they come off ice and rocks periodically.

The journey continues skirting the river Peulla to arrive to the small village of Peulla (where the trees sprout), to 200 m of altitude whose 800 inhabitants the lands of the interior work. In winter, this tract is snowy; it is made in a modern snowcat or in bus with caterpillars. In the place there are customs, International Police and control of the SAG. Steps and demanded documents. Here it is eaten lunch in the old hotel of Peulla.

Part 6
Sailing in catamaran crossing the lake All the Santos, of sharp hillsides covered with forests, located in the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosebushes. In the voyage they are sighted, with their silhouettes reflected in the water, the mount Tronador and the volcanos Osorno and Pointed. It spends next to the tree-lined island Margarita. There, through an original mail system, they are left in the water bags inflated with the correspondence for the colonists, warning them with siren's touches. The addressees leave rowing swiftly to pick up it. To the 17:30 h you disembarks in Petrohué
Part 7
Hard 2 hours. Exit from Petrohué in bus of tourism, stopping 15 minutes in Jumps of the Petrohué. Then the lake Llanquihue is skirted going by Port Sticks. Finally, you arrives to Port Montt to the 20 h.
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