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History of Bariloche
Bariloche is located on the southern coast of Nahuel Huapi lake, inside the National Park of the same name. You can go there by route, air, railroad or by lacustrine sailing for those that come from Chile.

It is considered the South Lakes capital city, because its populational and tourist importance, it dominates the whole Lake's region, of exceptional ecological conditions, since very near of it, it is the biggest concentration of national parks of the world.

It possesses countless lakes and lagoons, mountain rivers with rapids for the rafting practice, millennial forests, glaciers in Tronador Hill, mountains and hills, and also a city with typical mountain's constructions that offers all kind of activities.

The name, Bariloche, is a deformation of Vuriloche, name of the Andean path located to hill Tronador's south, it was discovered in 1712 by a Jesuit priest. Its present name arose as a printing error at the end of the last century. The first inhabitants were the Pehuelches, Puelches, Poyas and Vuriloches.

In the Desert Campaignt, with general Roca and Villegas arrival, it was possible to clear the region and in this way to attract future residents. The first house was built in 1895, being the first permanent inhabitant Mr. Carlos Wiederhold.

At the beginning of the XX Century, some European immigrants began to settle there, standing out Primo Capraro (1873-1932), an Italian, who would leave a progressive mark building properties, trade houses, hotels and sawmills. In 1902 Río Negro's territory government reserved by decree a 400 hectares' surface, inside Nahuel Huapi National Park for the setting of San Carlos de Bariloche town.

The Bustillos brothers, were outstanding personalities of the city. The first administrator and president of the National Park was Ezequiel Bustillos, responsible for the big works of Nahuel Huapi National Parks and specially Bariloche. Under the direction of the architect Alejandro Bustillo places like the Civic Center were built, the Llao Llao Hotel , and the Victoria Island Hotel.
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