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Museum Palentológico of Bariloche


In the Av. October 12 and esq. Sarmiento, on the coast of the Lake Nahuel Huapí, will be the paleontological museum of the city of Bariloche that has numerous fossils of the region


This museum was created by the Paleontological Association Bariloche that conformed by experts and specialists of the paleontological activity, has as end the detection and preservation of the fossil registration of the region, in particular of the Northwest area of the Patagonia Argentina.

Among the copies that you will be able to observe in their interior you will find an ictiosaurio of the Hill complete Lotena that inhabited the Jurassic seas makes 150 million years.

You will repair in the reconstruction of the jaw of a shark of the Tertiary era that dates near 22 million years and in numerous insects, amphibians and plants, besides a collection of fossils that demonstrate the exuberant flora variety and fauna that inhabited the sector.

Following the order of the cabinets that have an explanatory record with the information of the period and origin location, will see fossil of about 300 million years until similar organisms to the current ones.

Among them they figure the Archaeopterix that had the size of a crow, with feathers to likeness of the birds, however it conserved their reptile characteristics when having jaws with teeth and a long line.

You will also see a dinosaur that inhabited the area of Five Jumps, in the Superior Cretácico makes 90 million years; you will highlight the small size of the same one, being of 1.50 meters of longitude.

You will have the opportunity to know a dinosaur egg closely, next to the picture that will show you the internal development of the same one.

The schedule of visits is from Monday to Saturday from 16 to 19 hours and the entrance is free.

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