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How to get there









Numerous bus companies include in their itineraries to the Argentinean south. There are also three airlines, and the state of the routes is quite good. But, to have a happy demurrage, it is necessary to be very cautious when managing for rubble roads.

Inform on the state of the routes

The National Address of Vialidad informs through the phone number 0800-333-0073 on the conditions of I traffic of the national routes. The information on the roads is also obtained in the toll stations

To the south of the parallel one 42, the gasoline is sold to price half.

The routes of the South are well signalled. To respect the posters of maximum speeds and the different traffic signs guarantee a calm trip.
The cold

The nights in the route, still in summer, they are usually cold and to reach temperatures under zero. For that reason it is recommended to take coat and to travel by day.

To keep in mind
The breaks of escape pipe and naphtha tank, as well as the punctures, they should be considered frequent. It is recommended to take pasta to seal tanks (or sweet of quince), two aid wheels, inflator and he/she reserves of water.
Stations of service
The roads travel hundred of deserted kilometers and with little traffic, for what it is necessary to take reservation of fuel and to remember that there are not many stations of service.
Caution with the rubble
When crossing with other cars in the rubble, it is recommended to come closer the most possible thing to intercept the stones with the chassis and not with the glasses to Go away is only useful if both cars diminish the speed. The villagers don't accustom to place protective in the windshield because they reduce the visibility. A polarized glass resists the smallest projectiles to Support the fingers in the windshield it doesn't serve as anything.
Attention in routes
It is recommended to be careful with the animals that cross for the route, mainly when you travels at night. Since most of the roads are in address This-west, suits not to go at dusk toward the west.
Roads with mud
The chains, indispensable in the snow, they are very useful to go by smeared places The routes they are good, but in the event of rain their surface you oily restitution.
Cross in Collective Boat
On the coast of the Río Negro, a small boat. collective takes charge of transporting the villagers from the bank of Viedma until port of Carmen de Patagones

The run schedule, of 8 at 18, it allows a flowing service that becomes a picturesque walk for the tourists
For the long trips

Of the terminal station of bus of Retiro there are buses for all the destinations of Argentina and also for some cities of the neighboring countries.

The comforts of the bus and the prices of the trip vary of agreement with the companies. There are also quick services, with less stopped in route and bus-bed.

Service of taxis and remises
The city of San C. de Bariloche has companies that offer service of taxis and remises
  How to get there in car to San C. de Bariloche  
Along National Route 22 and passing by Zapala you will drive 416 km to arrive to Bariloche . Or you may pass by Piedra del Aguila distant 185 km from Neuquén along National Route 22 and then route 237 passing by Alicura

Bus Transport
3 de Mayo Línea sur Moreno 480 Local 5 -
Albus Terminal de Omnibus -
Algarrobal Tur. 9 e Julio 1800 -
Andesmar Mitre 385 -
Bus Norte (02944)43-0303 -
Charter Terminal Omnibus -
Chevallier S.A. Moreno 105 -
Codao del Sur Moreno 720 -
Crucero del Norte (02944)43-5999 -
Cruz del Sur (02944)43-0303 -
Don Otto S.A. Mitre 321 -
El Rápido Argentino Villegas 186 -
El Valle 12 de Octubre 1880 -
Flecha Bus Moreno 105 -
Ko Ko Mitre 385 -
La Unión del Sud Moreno 365 -
Mar y Valle Terminal (box 15) -
Rio de La Plata Mitre 161 -
T.A. Mercedes Mitre 161 -
T.A.C. Moreno 138 -
Tas Choapa Moreno 138 -
Terminal de Onmibus 12 de Octubre 2400 -
Transportes Unidos Del Sud Termina de Omnibus Loc 10 -
Tus Quaglia 262 Local 18 -
Vía Bariloche Av. 12 de Octubre 1884 -
Vía Bariloche Terminal de Omnibus - Boleterí 9 -
Vía Bariloche Av. Mitre 321 -

Taxi Agencies and Taxi Service
Remises Cumelen Elordi y J.M. Sobral -
Remises Mitre Mitre 594 -
Remises Patagonia AV Pioneros Km 4400 -
Remises Pronto Morales 554 -

Tren Patagonco Estación de Trenes -
Tren Patagonico O Goedecke 219 -

Air Transportation
Aerolineas Argentinas Quaglia 238 -
American Falcon Mitre 159 -
Lade Quaglia 238 Local 8 -

Car Rent
Alquiler De Autos Bariloche Pto Moreno 115 -
El César Rent a Car Luisa Runge 840 -
A Open Ren a Car Mitre 171 -
A.B.A Rent a Car Mitre 437. Piso 1º -
Al Rent a Car Internacional Av. San Martín 235 -
Avis Rent a Car San Martín 162 - Loc 3 -
Baricoche Rent a Car Moreno 115 - 1º piso Of. 15 -
Budget Rent a Car Arg. Mitre 106 1º piso Of. 4 -
Correcaminos Rent a Car Libertad 114 -
Cumbres Patagónia Villegas 222 -
Del Lago Turismo Quaglia 156 -
Dollar Rent a Car Villegas 282 Loc 2 -
Hertz - Annie Millet Quaglia 352 -
In-Out Patagonia Rent a Car Mitre 213 2º piso Of. 9 -
Lagos Rent A Car Mitre 83 local 5 -
Liz Rent a Car Villegas 285 -
Localiza Rent a Car V.A. O'Connor 662 -
Patagonia Rent a Car Mitre 415. Piso 1º Of. 3 -
Patagonia Rental Vice Almirante O'Connor 1041 -
Renta-Car Bariloche Rolando 258 -
Sur Rent a Car Mitre 437 - 1º Piso -
Viajo al Sur Rent a Car Mitre 124 Piso 5 of A. -
Taurus Rent a Car Moreno 126 - Local 2 -
Sidecar Puerto San Carlos -
Patagones Rent - a - Car Anasagasti 777 -
One Way - Rent a Car Vce.Alte. O' Connor 345 -
Mareas Rent a Car Rolando 287 -
Europcar 12 de Octubre 785 Tel: 011-4311-100 -
BRCar Moreno 115 - Piso 2 Of. 22 Tel: 45- -
Barlan Rent a Car Mitre 124 - 5to Piso of "A" -
Argentina Rent a Car Villegas 282 Tel/Fax: 43-0333 e-mai -
Hertz - Annie Millet Aeropuerto de Bariloche -
Andares Rent a Car V. A. O' Connor 647 - 1º 13 -
Andina Rent a Car John O'Connor 596 -
Baricar Rent a Car Moreno 718 -
Bustillo Rent a Car Bustillo Km 4,7 -
Catedral Rent a car Pioneros Km 5,645 -
Correntoso Rent a Car Rolando 172 - 1º C -
Da' Car Rent a Car Mitre 86 - 1º Piso -
Even Rent a Car San Martín 470 -
Fiorasi Rent A Car San Martín 531 -
Iglu Rent a Car Mitre 299 - Turismo Loc 19 -