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Lacustrine trips for the lakes Futalaufquen, Verde, Kruger and Menéndez





Two trips exist in boat, offered in the months of summer The sailing to the Menéndez's northwest end it allows the access to millennial forest of larches.
To the Alerzal of the lake Cisne
From December 15 at March 15. Walk by day complete for the lakes Futalaufquen, Verde and Menéndez.

To carry out it in combined form (lacustrine and terrestrial) 2 ports exist with differed exit: Port Limonao on the lake Futalaufquen (1.000 m) and Port Chucau on the Menéndez (1.230 m). The sailing to the Menéndez's northwest end allows the access to millennial forest of larches, in short walk to the lake Cisne. From Port Limonao left at the 10 hours to navigate the lake Futalaufquen and river Arrayanes to the Verde lake (2 h).

From lake Verde, short walk to the Port Chucau on the lake Menéndez. From this port, exit in ship at 12.30 hours to the Alerzal, with impressive view to the glaciers of the Hill Torrecillas. To take vianda. It leaves a bus from Esquel to the 9 h.

In particular vehicle it is recommended to be in Port Limonao or Verde lake, one hour before the exit of the boat.
To the lake Kruger
In the months of January and February, lacustrine trip from the South Arm of the lake Futalaufquen to the lake Kruger; 4 times per week: L, My, V, D.

Exit of Port Limonao 10 h, return 17 h. On the lake Kruger exists refuge and camping site with services and store, only opened up in summer. Excellent starting point for walks. Inform in the Intendency of the National Park.
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