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History of El Bolsón










In the antiquity it was only inhabited by some tehuelches tribes passing along there. The settlement began at the end of the last century with the settlement of some Chilean farmers.

Its population, remained isolated from the rest of the country until the construction of the road that joins it with El Maitén town; This caused an important growth.

Later on, the branch of narrow trail, "La Trochita", was inaugurated and the area became to be full of immigrants from several nationalities: German, Russian, Lebaneses, Spaniards, Creole and Poles.

In the 60ths, it received a strong immigration of hippies, most of them were well instructed and of good economic position. Its arrival to the district produced a strong influence in culture, in environmentalist cultivations and in architecture.

It is located in Río Negro's Province Southwest. It has a small population of about 15.000 inhabitants. They are the descendants of the first group of residents, they dedicate to agricultural activities, and to the production of sweet, homemade beers, crafts and tourism.

It is placed at 300 meters over the sea level, it has a favorable climate with sunny and long days during summer and pleasant temperatures during autumn and spring. During winter, there are rain or snow precipitations, while the temperature is moderate. In 1984 it was proclaimed "non nuclear town" by Municipal Ordinance.

The community was declared Ecological Municipality by Río Negro's provincial government in 1991 after it declared to be "in favor of life."

El Bolsón has a good tourist infrastructure, therefore, it constitutes a point of important tourist support of the so called Parallel 42º Andean District, that it includes territories from Río Negro and Chubut provinces. Inside this region are the Lago Puelo National Park and the Epuyen Lake.

Anecdotes and Myths of the Place:
Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and Etta Place: The famous gunmen lived next to Cholila Town, where today the hut still exists. Pursued by the detectives agency Pikerton, the story tells that they got 5000 hectares and that they lived 5 years in the place. The trio sold the ranch to the Duarte family, present land owners, , and later they disappeared. From that moment onwards, several stories were told about robberies, murders and flights to different South American places, as well as their death in different places.

Ovnis Avistajes, Roca del Tiempo: Associated to the belief that the area is UFO route, it is frequent to listen to comments about this. La Roca del Tiempo (Rock of the Time) is the reference point and mythical base of UFOs. It is also said that on the district exists an ethereal city that only can be seen in state of deep meditation. Source of irradiation of beneficent energy, some people locate their center on the Tres Picos Hill.

La Salamanca: A miraculous tree that is placed on one side of the road that leads to Cushamen, The legend says that in a near cave , the human beings can make a pact with the daemon: wealth in exchange for a son per year. It disappears with the death of the last son.
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