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The most well known species in Río Negro province are:

Huemul (Hippocamelus bisulcus): It is an American deer that inhabits the Andean heights. It is a robust animal. The male has a couple of horns with two tips

Pudu: It has hardly 40cm height and 10Kg weight, it is the smallest deer that exists. It feeds of tender leaves, sprout, bark and rosebuds, rosetas and blackberries. The gestation lasts 7 months, only one animal is born a time; and it is fed by the mother during eight weeks. This species is threatened of extinction in Argentina; due to the stealthy hunt, the pruning of forests and the carnivorous predators. There is a breeding station in Victoria Island. It reproduces in captivity.

Mara: It is also called Patagonian hare, it belongs to the cuises family. It lives in the central and south Argentina areas. It ends up measuring about 70 cm. and it weights around 15 Kg. It builds burrows for its breedings. They conform stable couples and the gestation is 90 days. It procreates up to two breedings a time that are breastfeeded during about nine months. The mara is a species threatened by the stealthy hunt and the cultivation's extension and shepherding.

Puma (Felíz concolor) or American lion: It has seen his domain reduced to the mountainous areas, forests or deserts, where it is almost impossible to see them. As all the felines, it is very agile, it has its smell and ear very well developed. It has night and solitary habits. It reaches 2 meters length and 60 kilos weight. The females have two or three puppies after 90 days' gestation.

Red fox: It is a carnivorous mammal that feeds of small animals. Its back is reddish bay color, it has long hair, its stomach is white, and its muzzle, paws and ears are reddish.

Zorrino: It is a mammal of reduced size that feeds of insects, rodents and birds. It is black with white spots, dense and long fur, big and spongy tail. It has glands with a fetid scent that it uses as defense.

Visón (Mink): It is an exotic species. It is a semi-aquatic animal. It is carnivorous so it feeds of fish, birds and small animals. It ends up measuring 50 centimeters. Its fur is brown and it is characterized to possess a white spot under its jaw.

Hurón menor: It is of small size, short paws. Its fur is gray in its back and tail, and black in its throat, stomach and paws, with a characteristic white line between its eyes. Its feeds of rodents and small animals.

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