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History of General Roca
El Canalito de Gral. Roca



Museo Municipal General Roca
It was founded in September of 1879, in full Campaign of the Desert, when the progress was the objective. At the moment it is the second city in importance of the county of Black River.

Modern , their urban development has only left four old buildings in foot; although their to live rustic, be one of their biggest charms.

Seated to the coast of the Black River and of the route 22, it is an important commercial center of almost 100 thousand people that without being the meca of anything, it is a good exponent of the cultural and artistic diversity of this part of the world.

The main activity is the intensive agriculture under watering that made possible an intense agroindustrial activity. The harvested fruits are among the best in the world. For that reason, every year, there takes place the National Party of the Apple.

Some worthy places of visiting: The walk of the canalito, a surrounded channel of green that crosses the city. Museums: the Lorenzo Vintter and the Municipal Museum of Fine arts, the mysterious "Valley of the Moon", amid the thatched tops and the coast of the Black river.
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