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History of Las Grutas
Buceo en Las Grutas



Navegación en Las Grutas



Museo de Las Grutas



The coast Atlantic rionegrina has three important and outstanding points, one to be a highly converged tourist center, another to be center of the commercial marine fishing, and the third to constitute a fundamental support for the economic activity of the Patagonia. We are speaking of Las Grutas, San Antonio Oeste and Puerto San Antonio,, respectively.

To Las Grutas they arrive every year tourists' thousands willing to have a good time, to relax you and to pass it well. They arrive attracted by their beaches with cliffs of incredible beauty, and for the famous warm waters of these costs.
Their climate is semi-arid, with scarce rains and with a tempertura that goes from the l4 to the 30 grades in summer.

This spa so converged of the Argentinean Patagonia is part, in fact, of the municipality of San Antonio, located to 15 kilometers of there. This city of 17.000 inhabitants became strong and important starting from the qualification, to few kilometers of there, of the Port San Antonio This in 1983. The products of the sea and their later commercialization, besides the upset activity of the port you conviertieron in the base of their economic life.

Las Grutas are located in the Gulf San Matías on the Atlantic coast of the Province of Río Negro, Patagonia Argentina. You consents from the North: for National route N° 3 or for Provincial Route N°251, from the South: for National Route N° 3 and from the West (it Fences Half): for Provincial Route N° 2.

To 70 Km. of Las Grutas is located the Puerto San Antonio Oeste, international port terminal of deep waters with services and basic infrastructure. To their surroundings it possesses virgin, calm and extensive beaches, of sand, clams and conches.

Las Grutas possess a stable population of approximately 2.500 inhabitants, and an affluence of, approximately, 100.000 tourists during the high season (summery)--from December 15 until the month of February. During the half season-it lowers it diminishes the tourist flow offering the city special events during the weekends as well as promotional exits to increase the arrival of tourists in those months.

The tourist center possesses a wide infrastructure of services. It has an offer of lodging of 15.000 squares, conformed among particular, real estate rent houses, 61 complexes of departments, 13 hotels and residential, 15 campings with all the services, existing different categories. It is important to mention that during the month of January the capacity of the offer is filled therefore we recommend to make reservations in advance.
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