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History of Villa Regina
Empaque de fruta en Villa Regina
Rafting en Villa Regina
Their foundation goes back then to November of 1927, and its name to the wife of the president Alvear. It is another of the cities whose name was chosen to pass to the posterity to eminent persons and political.

Without big frights, it can be defined this way the life in Villa Regina.

Agricultural producer and frutícola par excellence, are a city of approximately 35 thousand people, rested and calm as few, where until the temperate climate contributes to make of the place an eddy in the valley.

Summoned in the route 22, their great tourist attractiveness, although not the only one, is surely the Indian Comahue. An imposing figure had built for many years and that it is sighted at great distance; beautiful mirador, symbol of the respect to the past and the view always setting in the future.

To be one of the scales of the yacht of longer kayacs of the world that unites Neuquén and Viedma, is something that makes proud the inhabitants of Villa Regina or as them they prefer to call it: "the pearl of the valley."
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