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From Villa Regina until General Roca for RN 22
Villa Regina






Rafting en Villa Regina






General Roca






Turismo aventura en General Roca






Museo Municipal de General Roca
This walk crosses the High Valley of the Black river , of world fame in production of apples. Beautiful spring landscape with manzanos and pear trees in flower. In autumn, it highlights the yellow of the poplars. In summer, harvest fruiterer. Visits to agroindustries and chacras.
They are 46 km . Fuel is gotten; hotels and restaurants have more than enough route and cities. Circulate with a lot of caution, dense traffic of heavy transport; all type of smooth of rural area as cars, tractors with having coupled and bicycles; also the intercity circulation and on file tourists, all to different speeds. Parts of pavement with banquinas in difference, to eat or to house in each city or town
Villa Regina

It is born as agricultural colony in 1924, populated by postwar Italian migration of the first one. With auspice of the embassy of Italy in Argentina and the action of the Italian banks in the country and South America, It started this initiate project with the purchase of 5.000 there are of the landowner's fields Manuel Zorrilla, for the recently incorporated Company Italo Argentina of Colonization.

The name reminds Regina Pacini (Italian lyrical singer) it handcuffs of the president Marcelo Torcuato of Alvear who signed the ordinance of recognition of the company.

The city has a very irregular layout and it is left in two by the route.

That to Know in a visit

We recommend the journey pointed out in the plane. In the corner of RN22 and General Peace (traffic light) It takes asphalt south direction, it will Pass among chacras, cellars and packers of fruits, and it will sight the Black river .

To the 8 kms it finishes the asphalt; after short distance for rubble, It leaves to their left the Nautical Club Villa Regina with slope of boats, and immediate it is the access to raft that communicates with rural roads. It can cross in her in non habitual experience, and the whitish thatched top south that falls to travel almost to it itches in the river, with rural environment With an excellent shade of sallows, poplars and other species is the Spa and Camping site Island 58.

Return to RN22, continue for General Peace, crossing roads railroad, double to left and visit the Cooperativa La Reginense .

Continuing the trip, the road goes away and they begin to chacras it turns to both sides.

When arriving to the km 6 from Villa Regina, to the right, General Enrique Godoy, 3.553 inhabitants' population. This town remembers to a military one expeditionary to the deserted one and later on, in the km 12, to the left, they are 3,5 km for rubble you arrives at the Spa Engineer Huergo with a good beach, very rural, but with few services.

Continuing with the trip for RN22 in the km 14, goes by Engineer Huergo with a population of 6.019 inhabitants.

Here It was born and Aimé lies in its earth Painé, singer Araucanian tehuelche exempted, a little later on they begin to turns arbors. When arriving to the km 21 it will be in Mainqué, with 2.791 inhabitants. The name derives of the native Maimed. To 3 km to the left, for rubble, it is the spa in a gentle secondary arm of the Black river , with reduced services.

In the km 29, this the town of Cervantes, with 4,704 inhabitants, their name was suggested by the novelist Vicente Blasco lbáñez who colonized this area and it populated it with 30 families of Valencian countrymen. And a more km and to the left, remains of the hydraulic work of the first colonists are observed.

When arriving to the km 37, in the area of Father's town Stefenelli visits to the left The Champagnera.

In km 40, also in Father's town Stefenelli. to their left, Fagro can visit.

Continue for RN22 and It will see to left College San Miguel of the Work Salesiana and Sanctuary of María Auxiliadora. Here, in town Father Stefenelli, the first establishment of the city of Rock was, in the indigenous place Fisque Menuco.

Advance and in km 45, round. To left to 7 km , Municipal Spa of General Roca, to right, south and main access entered by avenue Roca to General Roca.

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