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Iconos de Referencia
On foot for the Historical Center
Traveled by near streets to the square 9 of Julio, visiting the main historical and cultural landmarks. Most of the landmarks of cultural, social and gastronomic interest concentrates on few blocks ar...
Museum of Fine arts (MHN)
This museum this in a house of the XVIII century, the museum has 16 rooms distributed in two floors where are carried out local artists' temporary exhibitions
City tour in San Lorenzo
This tour allows to know the summer village and of more noted weekend for the jumps us, built gorgeously with important large houses among parks forestados. The circuit of the walk takes it of going a...
To San Salvador of Jujuy for RN9
For the old communication road among Salta and Jujuy, a traditional town, the Boiler, travels and ascending to «The Cornice», like calls it to the serpentine tract of the route, it travels an attracti...
Historical Museum of the North
From the Cabildo, the Historical Museum of the North keeps in Salta true treasures of the indigenous culture and of the colonial period.
For the valley of Lerma
A rich agroindustrial area travels. The towns you happens quickly, many with groups of gallery houses. Among them, will always see cultivated fields and you marry or elegant properties as center of th...
Traveled by the city of Salta
Traveled by the monuments and museums more far from the Historical Center, in the immediate neighborhoods to the center, arriving to the handmade market of the county; going by the biggest park in the...
Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña
The new Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña ( High Country Archeology Museum ) displays an invaluable archeological find discovered in the summits of the Llullaillaco Volcano, one of the sceneries ch...
To San Antonio de los Cobres and route to Chile
You travels an imposing landscape from the valley until the lonely Puna, crossing small oasis agricultural and important prehispanic archaeological locations. It is the suitable Walk for adventurous s...
RN34, from Salta until Salvador Mazza in frontier with Bolivia
An agroindustrial and oil area travels amid a landscape that accentuates the tropical features, announcers of the forest of Bolivia gradually.
The Museum of the Tobacco in Santa Anita
We visited the Coronel Moldes country house, which has a private tobacco museum, ritual element of the Amerindian culture and present representative of the productive activity of the area.
From Salta until Formosa, the route of the Impenetrable one for RN34 and RN81
An agroindustrial and oil area travels then amid a landscape that accentuates the tropical features gradually, continuous for the route of the Impenetrable one (RN 81), this way known by the difficult...
RN 16, from Salta to Resistance
Journey that the whole Chaco crosses however with unusual monotony, a stranger and impactante beauty. It links the regions of the NOA and NEA.
Trekking and bird-watching of birds in the National Park El Rey
The birdwatching or observation of birds is an ideal activity to carry out in the National Park El Rey for the great diversity of copies that contains.
Fishing in the Bermejo River
In the waters of the Bermejo river they can be caught golden with average of 8 and 12 kg . of weight; in the waters more calms they don't lack the you steal them, surubíes, pacúes, sábalos and in area...
Fishing in the river Juramento
The River Juramento embraces an important surface to the center-south of the county of Salta . It has their origin in the Reservoir Cabra Corral, elected place for the sport fishermen of Salta , Jujuy...
To horse for Salta , the best way to know the Northwest
A good reason for visiting the province of Salta is the opportunity to travel overland and sightsee but preferably without the strident tones of tour guides
Horse riding in the National park Baritú
A generous, humid nature and green dominates this space created in 1974. The density of the flora hinders the entrance of the sun and for the same reason, you can only consent on foot or to mule .
Circuit of the Valleys Calchaquíes
From the city of it Salta, this journey of 530 kilometers, integrates the beauty of the nature with thegreat culture of the county.
Parque Nacional Los Cardones
In the National Park The Cardones important paleontological remains that indicate that extinct animals inhabited the region, exists such it is the case of the prints of dinosaurs that possess an antiq...
Parque Nacional Baritú
This park is in the north end of the province of Salta. The distance to arrive is from Los Toldos about 35 kms and from San Ramón of the New Orán about 50 kms.
Parque Nacional El Rey
This park is in the north end of the province Salta . The distance to arrive is from Los Toldos about 35 kms and from San Ramón of the New Orán about 50 kms.
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