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How to get there








The provinces of it Salta and Jujuy has three main arteries that connect most of the towns: the national routes 9, 68 and 40.
Also, the big cities have airports, bus terminals and all the services that a visitor can require to move for the Argentinean northwest.


State of routes


Besides the national routes, in their asphalted great majority, in the Northwest there are many roads and provincial routes of rubble, for what is recommended to traffic to low speed.

International steps


To leave the country (to Bolivia or Chile ) it is indispensable to take the DNI, the identification of identity (of the Federal Police) or the passport.

Migrations don't accept, any concept, the documentation certificates in step

Signaling of roads

Most of the routes of it Salta and Jujuy is well signalled. But, so much in the roads of the Valleys Calchaquíes, in it Salta, like in those of the Puna, in Jujuy, the posters are limited to advance the curves and maximum speeds.

Problems in cars

People not only suffer the effect of the height. The cars, by means of the carburetor, in charge of the mixture of air and naphtha, work better at the level of the sea.




The main airports of the northwest are located few kilometers of the capitals.
Bus Station

To carry out intercity connections in micro among different counties it is possible to consult with the terminal of the city .

Control of the traffic
Besides the great number of traffic lights that there is in the city of it Salta, they call the attention the huts of traffic control, located in the intersections of the avenues and the main streets.

On some small structures, high on the level of the floor, municipal agents are located that control the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians permanently, ordering the I traffic.
In the city of it Salta the taxis they are of red color, while in San Salvador of Jujuy, the predominant color is the yellow.

This way it is easy to recognize them. Besides traveling the streets, where they can stop to lift passengers, in the main squares, bus terminals, central corners and airports are stops you specify.
To be able to park the car in the streets of the capitals of the provinces, a card should be placed, expended by municipal employees. This way the tickets are avoided that the agents of traffic of the Provincial Police emit.
Rent of cars
They can be let cars and vans 4x4, to hire the service it is necessary to possess credit card.
In the city of it Salta and in San Salvador of Jujuy they can be let bicycles to travel the region.
  How to get there in car to Salta  
This city is located to 1616 km of Capital Federal. Leave Buenos Aires for the national route 9 it went by the city of Córdoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán, continue for the route 9 until it Salta.

Bus Transport
Andesmar H.Yrigoyen 339 - L. 33 -
Andesmar Victorino De La Plaza 85 -
Andesmar V. De La Plaza 89 -
Andesmar SRL Terminal de Omnibus, loc. 33 -
Atahualpa Terminal de Omnibus -
Balut Hnos. Termina de Omnibus -
Chevallier S.A. Terminal de Ómnibus -
Empresa Almirante Brown Terminal De Omnibus -
Empresa El Indio Terminal de Omnibus, loc. 33 y 34 -
Empresa Flecha Bus Terminal De Omnibus -
Empresa Luis B. Chaves Terminal de Omnibus -
Empresa Luis B. Chaves Terminal de Omnibus -
Empresa Rueda Islas Malvinas 393 -
Empresa Rueda Islas Malvinas 393 -
Expreso Panamericano Terminal de Omnibus, bol. 21 y 22 -
La Nueva Estrella Terminal De Omnibus -
La Veloz Terminal de Omnibus -
Terminal de Omnibus de Salta Hipólito Yrigoyen S/N -
Transportes Evelia Terminal De Omnibus -
Via Geminis D. Puch 117 -
Aconquija Terminal De Omnibus -
Balut Hnos. Terminal de Omnibus - Boltería Nº 9 -
TAC Terminal De Omnibus Loc 38 (Bis) -

Air Transportation
Aeropuerto El Aybal -
Aerolineas Argentinas Caseros 475 -
Aeroperu Caseros 269 -
American Airlines Zuviria 265, loc. 13 -
Americana Buenos Aires 344 -
Austral Caseros 475 -
Dinar Lineas Aereas Buenos Aires 46 -
Lan Chile Caseros 322 -
Lloys Aereo Boliviano D. Funes 29 -
Aeropuerto Martín M. De Guemes Ruta Nacional 51 s/n -

Car Rent
Al Rent a Car Internacional Caseros 489 -
Avis Rent a Car Alvarado 537 -
Localiza Rent a Car Cordoba 2 -
MPC Rent a Car Buenos Aires 8 -
Nevada Renta a Car Caseros 655, dto 2 -
Ruiz Moreno Renta a Car Buenos Aires 1 -
Sevice International Buenos Aires 88, loc. 5 -
Hertz - Annie Millet Caseros 374 -
Álamo Rent a Car Buenos Aires 158 -
Europcar Córdoba 20 -
Semisa Rent a Truck and Car Caseros 489 -
Argentina Rent a car Buenos Aires 102 -
Noa Rent a Car Buenos Aires 1 - Local 3 -
Sudamerics Rent a Car Buenos Aires 88 - Loc. 6 y 7 -
Rent a Car Noroeste Buenos Aires 88 Local 10 -
Hertz - Annie Millet Aeropuerto de Salta -
Chango Car Av. Paraguay 1200 -