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History of Barreal
Paisaje en Barreal
Carrovelismo en Barreal
Carrovelismo en Barreal

The west of the province gathers diverse attractiveness, among those that are rivers torrentosos, extensive Andean valleys, natural areas and protected archaeological places.

The Cerro de Alcázar is an exponent of it, the old Capilla de Catalve, Pampas del Leoncito, the Reservation and Complex Astronomical, they are only some of the numerous places to visit.

It should also be kept in mind, the route sanmartiniana, that that the Argentinean eminent person trafficked in search of the independence of the neighboring country, Chile.

The hotel infrastructure concentrates on the villages of Calingasta and Barreal, starting point to the trips toward the different mentioned places. There same in Barreal they are two astronomical observatories on the hill The Leoncito.

They are also observed the highest hills in the mountain range that understands the territory sanjuanino, the Mercedario, La Mesa and La Ramada.

Before abandoning the area, it is recommended to prove a calvadós glass, exquisite apple cognac whose handmade elaboration began after the second world war.

It is allowed to mature between 25 and 30 years. Their origin goes back to the French region of which takes its name. The only place of America that takes place is in Calingasta.

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