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To the Tontal, balcony of San Juan



























Ascension to the summits of the Tontal, maximum elevation of the precordillera Andean and beautiful natural balcony from where perspectives of incredible vastness and the most imposing panorama in the long snowy mountain range are appreciated. In the road they visit one another old cattle positions and remains of an important mining village of last century.

Circuit of 78 round trip km from Barreal. Walk of a minimum day, is indispensable it in car 4x4. Take sheltered clothes, picnic and lanterns, if you want explore some old mine. Fill the tank before leaving


Leave Barreal toward the north for the RP412. After 8.5 km , to the right, take the stony road to go into for the gulch of the Dry stream Carrizal. Begin the ascent with the rural faldeos of great beauty, where they are plentiful we challenge, molles and jarillas. From the starting point, to 1.650 m .s.n.m., 45 km will travel to reach the summit, to 4.000 m ,s.n.m.

After the first 7 kms it will arrive to the marsh of the Round hill, with clear slopes of water of good flavor. There are an old position of goats and sheep, characteristic local cattle activity. As in the whole area, poplars have also here been planted, creating a pleasant place, where the villagers come to matear.

About 6 kms above will arrive to the marsh of The Bridges, with springs that have given place to picturesque herdsmen colored by the yellow clavelillo and furrowed by the stream of the Jump, where pastures and drinks the livestock.

For the grass abundance, firewood and hunt, the place had a primitive before Columbus poblamiento,

The grasses that grow in the surroundings (chachacoma, black beard. thyme, absinthe, male rue) they have healing properties, already known by the aboriginal ones.

Today is still habitual its gathering and sale in the populated centers.

The road continues ascending for the gulch of The Watery one. Near 13 km later on will find the doña position Juana Villarroel, descending of old settled down that has placed a barrier next to their ranch to control the step for their property. If it gets their trust will be able to pass to arrive, 6 km above to the Tall Carmen's Mines.


Mines of the Tall Carmen


They are only the ruins of what was a mining town with an important lead foundry, gold and the best silver in the country. In the decade of 1860 it was formed the Company of Exploitation, directed by the English mineralogist J, Ignacio Rickard.

Then, the old ones mine Jesuit of the Tall Carmen they saw be formed to their vera the Villa Rickard, where 3.000 miners inhabited.

It had customs, church. slaughterhouse, sanitary position, housings and offices. The local constructions of adobones, pircas, branches, canes and mud. they alternated there with pinotea squads, iron and glass, cared materials, characteristic of the first British industrial phase. The place was notably holed by tunnels or itch, worked by pirquineros that sold the mineral to the Company Rickard. There are still remains of the oven, with cut stones to chisel, where melted the material that then was transported in carts and to mule loin to Sorocayense to Hilario, for the final refinement. The oven was fed with broom wood, of high combustibility for its resin.

The place to the east of the mine Vault is called, because it served from enterratorio to the deads of yellow fever, in the epidemic of 1884 86.

The road continues for The Watery one, where the water is pure, the air is impregnated with intense absinthe fragrances and thyme, and the foxes, ostriches and gumps maraud free for coirón fields. It is remarkable to observe the reduction of the size of the bushes due to the height, Among them the curious variety of jarilla orientadora is plentiful whose branches indicate the cardinal points.

To the left, a print leads to Corner Blanco, where there are locations of exquisite bituminous belonging still without exploding. Continue for the right to reach, after 7 km , the spectacular one.


Summit of the Tontal


This located to an altitude 4.000 m or their summits form a long esplanade, a true balcony on the wide valley calingastino. The dry air of mountain and the extraordinary height of the mountain allow an incomparable perspective that expands for the gigantic geographical environment. Toward the east the valley of Tulum is sighted, with San Juan 's city framed by the hill Foot of Stick. AI west, 400 km of sharp Andean crests extends from the mountain range of Olive groves and the Seven Picks of Ansilta until the majestic hills Mercedario ( 6.770 m ) and Aconcagua ( 6.959 m ), the highest in America .

As whitish stain in the plain the enormous Barreal will sight Blanco and, next to him, the astronomical observatories The Leoncito and Félix Aguilar, summoned there by the extraordinary atmospheric diaphaneity of the valley.

To return to Barreal, it will descend for the same roads.

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