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Iglesia - San Juan
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Iconos de Referencia
RN 150, valley of Church to San José of Jáchal
Travel for the spectacular gulch of the Wind toward the village of San José of Jáchal, where can carry out attractive walks.
Trip to the Provincial Reservation and of the Biosphere San Guillermo
Fabulous region cordillerana of San Juan 's north that offers unsuspected possibilities for the adventure tourism. This untamable territory, today deforested by the man, it is zealously preserved as E...
Knowing Angualasto
Walk for the north of the valley, where they visit one another pristine oasis, almost detained in the time, and next to the hill of the Wind, where a gigantic dike is built.
On the way to the Agua Negra (in route to Chile )
Beautiful road cordillerano that communicates with the asset port of Coquimbo and the well-known beaches of The Serene one. It is only enabled from December to March, but the route can be traveled the...
To Tudcum and Rodeo
Walk for the north of the valley, with imposing views of the mountain range and precordillera. They visit one another pristine oasis, almost detained in the time, and the fertile Rodeo, next to the hi...
To chapel of Achango and Bella Vista
Traveled by the plains of Pismanta, visiting nice agricultural towns watered by canals that conserve old Creole traditions and excellent artisans harbor in fabrics to the loom and braided of leather. ...
Iglesia, for good travelers
San Juan 's department offers some picturesque towns, it is a journey for landscapes dominated by olive groves and walnuts, you will find tempting local, sweet crafts and regional products and as fina...