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To Tudcum and Rodeo






























Walk for the north of the valley, with imposing views of the mountain range and precordillera. They visit one another pristine oasis, almost detained in the time, and the fertile Rodeo, next to the hill of the Wind, where a gigantic dike is built.

Circuit of 112 round trip km, with 100 km of having consolidated in variable state. Walk of one day like minimum. Take picnic and bathroom suit. There is a municipal camping site in Rodeo.


Leave Pismanta toward Tudcum for the old consolidated road that it unites the small oasis. You travels a stony area that contrasts with the agricultural lands benefitted by the watering. To 500 m of the hotel, to the west of the road, is a small barreal, recognized by their therapeutic value that forms part of the attractiveness of Pismanta and about 3 kms later on, to the west, the leafy groves of the stay Huañizuil is come, an enormous private property that belonged to the former governor Federico Canton and a prosperous establishment went to innovative, with plantations of fruit-bearing and poplars, a sawmill, breeding of rams Karakul, chinchillas and mines of gold.

In the km 14, some loamy hills, capriciously modeling for the rains and the wind, they make wind the road and sorpresivamente to discover from behind to the town of Tudcum .




It is a very small oasis grown in a valley behind a barreal, it surrounds it a long turn of narrow earth streets, skirted by boulevards. The town has been mimicked with its environment; it shines small adobe ranches, wall fences and generous manzanos fifths, figs, durazneros and walnuts. Their people are industrious and her teleras, famous. Don't hesitate in stopping to walk for the alleys, to converse with the hospital neighbors and to know their fruit-bearing ones and looms If it travels with children will be able to take them to go for a walk in donkey that is still the main means of transport and of load of the place.

Next to the town it passes an old before Columbus road toward the west. that it crosses the mountain range of Colangúil for the gulch of Conconta and goes to Chile ; at the present time it is only trafficked by the miners of Conconta (auriferous location with small exploitation).

Follow the Walk, now toward the east, for a consolidated road that, in 20 km , it will take it until Rodeo.




It is head of the department Church and main nucleus of the oasis of the valley. has an excellent production of poroto seeds, potato, lettuce, famous orchards, chacras, alfalfares and forest exploitation (poplars). Until the first half of the XX century their main activity the cattle raising that decayed when disappearing the trade with the valleys trasandinos was.

The village is organized along a street of 5 km (that is the same route), skirted by magnificent poplars carolinos. In her the whole urban equipment is developed and has great animation.


That to know in a visit


Travel the main street (Sacred Domingo), where will see the church of Sacred Domingo of Guzmán, next to old wall fences. earth canals and the traditional large houses of adobe of century principles, are high, orderly to the Italian, with a characteristic vestibule in arch that, from behind, it drives to a shady gallery in front of the cultivations.

In the new neighborhoods, of small houses, observe the tanks of water wittily surrounded with totoras to isolate them of the extreme temperatures.

Other places of interest to those that it can arrive for this street are:

Archaeological museum and of the Man Iglesiano (In the Municipality) which harbors a small, but interesting sample.

Down the street in front of the Municipality it will consent to the camping site and the municipal cabins and to the amphitheater.




This in a rural corner with a small artificial lake. Its topography in differences was adapted as natural amphitheater. There takes place the Party of the Apple and the Seed during one week in the first pay period of March, every night there are folkloric numbers and food Creole turnovers, pastries, humita in chala and roasted male goat that get ready in the typical ramadas

Next to the amphitheater there are spits for picnic.


Property The Hammer


It belongs to the engineer Meglioll and it is located to the east of the town, In this interesting establishment is carried out experimental breeding of vicuñas and gumps to shear. has elaboration and excellent sweet regional landlords' sale ( doesn't stop to prove that of whole apples). will also find great variety of aromatic grasses, wools of American camélidos and of sheep, as well as looms. It is also a fishing limit where trouts rainbow can be savored.




The production is very varied: from colorful saddlebags with flowers and pompones until blankets to lines. The colored ones natural they are achieved with bark of red sallow and retortuño, and the artificial ones with anilines.




There is permanent sale of looms and braided of leather in the Technical School Aconcagua and Agrotécnica Cornelio Saavedra. located in the main street. Rodeo it provides works monthly to the Fair of San Juan's Fleas (square Laprida)


Contacts for Tourism Risk


Rodeo is a good center to organize fishing expeditions and andinismo to San Guillermo's Reservation


Where to House and Eat


Two campings and modest pensions exist, will also find simple dining rooms, with minutes and some homemade plate.

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