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To Agua Negra






Walk of rest to a bucolic mountain corner, with fresh and crystalline springs.

Circuit of 24 round trip km for a road, paved in its biggest part is an ideal place it gives birth to pass the hot nap jachallera. Take picnic and bathroom suit.


Leave San José of Jáchal for the RN40 toward the east, after The Portezuelo, the route goes to the south. In San Asleep there is a small village with a station rail call The Diaguitas and will probably do numerous boxcars with load mineral, especially of calcareous stone, extracted of the important quarry and calera The Refuge.

In the street The Reeds, to the side of the station, double toward the west to continue 3 km for an on the way to earth that skirts the mountain until Agua Negra.


Agua Negra


It is a very picturesque and rural place, located the foot of the hill San Roque, where several springs they sprout among totoras, cortaderas and green grasses, giving birth to a mighty one and serpenteante stream.

The crystalline waters have characteristic hipotermales and a high content of minerals, their tonic effect is very appreciated by the villagers who converge assiduously in summer. A part of the natural channel has been enlarged, forming deeper and more capable eddies to swim.

There is not equipment that allows to classify it as spa, but the place offers good possibilities to camp or to make picnic to the shade of leafy trees, in a microclimate perfumed by the jarilla and the stupid bird.

The stream runs parallel to the Old hill of San Asleep and, then, opens up to drain in the river Jáchal. At the moment only they arrive to him the surpluses of water, because the flow has been channeled for the watering of Niquivil, important agricultural district of the south of San José of Jáchal, to return, recapture the same roads.

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