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To know this city been founded in 1751, it is one of the urban centers that faithfuler they belong to the customs sanjuaninos. Their construction is low and they are still in foot some old buildings, as the Popular Library, of 1908. It has a School Aerotécnica and an old bar the sweet shop Garces


Begin a journey for the surroundings of the square, where it highlights the Monument to Narcissus Laprida


Monument to Narcissus Laprida


Created by the sculptress Lola it Lives originally in honor to the president of the Congress of Tucumán 1816, it was given to San Juan for the treats of the centennial of the Independence . In 1948 it was transferred San José of Jáchal. To their side will see San José 's Church (MHN)


Church of San José (MHN)


The lot was busy initially for the oratory of the primitive rural doctrine and, at the end of the XVIII century for the church of the splendid parish, been founded in 1752 by Brother Melgarejo.

There the population was protected during the attacks of the montoneras riojanas, by the middle of last century.

The current church, with three ships of almost 50 m of long, it began to get up toward 1874 for Brother's impulse Moses of Burela. Its facade affected by the earthquake of 1894, was object of a reconstruction. It had several later interventions, the last one in 1963, when it was added to the tower a German carillon, donated by Graciela of Cantoni.

In their interior it keeps valuable images. The main one is that of San José, boss of the department and of the village, Conduction from Potosí (Bolivia) in the XVIII century, it is related with the origin of the parish: when it was transported, the mule that loaded it refused to continue the trip, fact interpreted as a sign of the Saint's desire of being worshipped in the place. The crucified Christ is of natural size. with neck and articulate arms. It called it to him Mr. of the Agony, because it presents it to him yaciente on Sacred Friday.

In Week Santa, the image is taken in procession with brands for the neighborhoods. AI Boy donated Jesus to the church in 1784 is attributed the miracle of aiding to the town jachallero during the taking of the village for montonera Felipe Varela , in 1867.

In the south corner of the square, visit the Popular Library Domingo Faustino Sarmiento


Popular library Domingo Faustino Sarmiento


It is a modest but worthy building, with an old ochava toward the square. It was built in 1908, according to the ideal sarmientinos of popular education diffused in the country through these public institutions and of normal schools Their interior conserves the original atmosphere. At the present time it is a cultural center.

Continue Echegaray down the street and will see the Bank Nation, created in 1918 during the government of the jachallero Amador lzasa, Their building testifies the strength of the first decades of the century. In Echegaray 546 are the Large house, an imposing neoclassical construction, of which highlights their orderly facade with symmetrical vestibule in arch.

In May 25 and Landlords, the Ecomuseo visit Ricardo Prieto


Ecomuseo Ricardo Prieto


It conforms an almost self-sufficient property, with large house, cultivations and animals, in the the traditions of the rural life are conserved and it gathers a quantity of curious objects of last times, as furniture, machineries and tools of diverse type that give him their ecomuseo character. According to this modern concept, the museum is not a building that exhibits pieces in disuse, but a «alive environment», where the objects are presented in their habitual interrelations. Specially interesting it is to visit him during the carneadas (of the 6 at July 9). show of task of cows and pigs in which sausages landlords are elaborated,

In the periphery, you will be able to visit the following landmarks of interest.


School Normal Fray Justo Santa María de Oro


It was an agriculture school, been founded in 1917. It has a magnificent building in «U», with pavilions that surround a patio dominated by a great assembly hall that has scenario, dressing rooms and high orchestra and it lowers. At the moment it prepares high schools with regional orientation and mercantile experts .


School of Agriculture and Cattle raising Manuel Belgrano


Located in The Narrow lace edging and well-known as school The Nursery. this establishment elaborates and it sells the public good preserves of fruits, vegetables and sweet regional.

In The Narrow lace edging, on the RN150, to 3 km of San José of Jáchal it is the municipal spa that has an olympic pileta, courts polideportivas, bar, sanitariums and a pleasant place to camp, with abundant palms. It is very converged in summer. It originated as regional nursery during the government of Cantoni, in 1923. Next to him it is the amphitheater The Narrow lace edging, in a natural corner with differences. It has a rustic theater outdoors, surrounded by groves of eucalyptuses and pines. This place is very used to camp; has spits but it doesn't dilute drinkable. In him takes place the Party of the Tradition. In front of the amphitheater you leave the Jump of the Hill, a fall of water of which hydroelectric energy is generated.


Party of the Tradition


San José of Jáchal is Capital of the Tradition and it celebrates a colorful folkloric party, of a week of duration, the first pay period of November. The revel begins in the center, with a parade of carriages and scenes of manners. A great concurrence meets to see to those "compatriots" or you reign savoring regional foods in the main square. We recommend him the excellent chacinados jachalleros.

During the night of serenades, guitar-makers and singers with typical gears make happy the streets. The central acts take place on Fridays and Saturdays in the amphitheater The Narrow lace edging. It is also carried out the Vent of the Muleteers, a show of light and sound on small scenarios in the hillsides of the hills On Sunday the celebration it culminates, with honors and songs to the folklorist gift Buenaventura luna , in the cemetery of Huaco.


Where to Eat and to House


You will find simple restaurants of flavorful food, this way coma excellent hams and cakes jachalleras (Semite). San José of Jáchal still lacks good tourist hotels the current ones they are prepared for trade salesmen

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